Fay (25 Mar 2018)
"The Humanity Star"


This is VERY interesting. I am writing this on Thursday 22nd March. According to this article, this "Humanity Star" will enter earth's orbit today and maybe crash back to earth on Friday 23rd March. According to the blurb in the article - this is an early return. It should have been up there for longer. It's a weird one that reminds me of the Economist magazine cover with the tarot cards - the final card labelled "The Star". This Star card is depicted with pictures of people around it. Nobody can quite make out who the people are. Do they simply represent Humanity? Meaning this "Star" is man-made? 

I have to admit - it's spooked me (and excited me) as the Lord prompted me to write that something was going to happen today (22nd March) or / and tomorrow - Friday 23rd March. Is this a massive sign..... or will there be more? We shall all know if we are here to read this on Sunday 25th March - which is Palm Sunday.

PS:- Notice the card in the top right hand corner (see link). It's labelled The Hermit. North Korea is known as the Hermit Kingdom. Even by conspiracy- theory- on- steroids standards .... I have to admit that this cover is weird.

Man-made humanity 'STAR' will plummet back down to Earth TOMORROW

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