Fay (25 Mar 2018)
"Further Info re Nisan 21"

Hi John and Doves,

Please watch the video clip linked below. This lovely sister in Christ has found some amazing patterns. Around the 29 minute mark, she talks about the biblical dates and parallels to do with the historical Exodus. The splitting of the red sea to allow the Hebrew people to escape Pharaoh etc. Rabbi Glazerson found codes that said that the Jewish Redemption would happen on Nisan 21 ( April 6th). Note what this sister has found re the dates that cover 31st March through to April 6th. Incredible. I cannot encourage you enough to watch this video in it's entirety.

The parallels from the Exodus cannot be denied. Revelation 11:8 gives us a big fat hint re this. Talking about the two witnesses---- "Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city - which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt - where also the Lord was crucified". This passage draws our attention to ESCAPE. The escape from Egypt - the biblical Exodus, and Lot's escape from Sodom before destruction hit. Therefore, drawing our attention back to Passover !! The time of year this happened in the past - the Feast of Passover. The faithful Jewish people will escape from the great city (to Petra, many believe) to avoid death and destruction. Which makes this a very Jewish oriented escape. Do we "escape" (raptured) at the same time? Or just before? Say .... on the Blue Moon of March 31st, going into April 1st - Easter Sunday? When our LORD Jesus escaped from the burial chamber?

PLEASE watch this video clip. It will bless you.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus. PLEASE. The excitement is unbearable. We can't wait to see you. To be with you. We ache and yearn for you.

PASSOVER 2018! Beginning AND End, Rev 4:1 (April 1) The DOOR, Patterns and Parallels