Fay (25 Mar 2018)
"Tell the Truth - or, at least don't Lie"

I love watching and listening to the wisdom of Jordan Peterson. He is a Christian and has declared himself so. There were so many things that resonated with me while watching the video clip linked below. Everything that is being thrown at us these days, is designed to divide and rule. Pitting us all against one another - no matter our gender, faith or creed. And because of the anonymity of the internet, we feel free to vent our spleen. Forgetting manners or kindness. Peterson points out that the young have lost their ability to empathise because they spend too much time with fantasy. Playing computer games etc. Couple this with the very real fear that parents have - allowing their children to step outside without supervision is a very scary thing. We have been beaten with the stick of the media driven perception that pedophiles lurk around every corner. Our young are growing up in a very different world to the one we experienced. What is alarming is the apparent helplessness of the adults to protect them. The youth have less real world social skills and are being driven mad with the pressure of the social media platforms they are drawn to.

It's become so bad that the accepted idea of physical beauty involves being bone thin - botoxed up to the eye-balls and sporting "trout pout" lips. Not forgetting to mention boob jobs, bum jobs and statement eyebrows. Can you imagine what affect this is having? The whole botox and trout pout fashion is making young girls all look the same. If they didn't have different hairstyles, it would be difficult to tell them apart. Let's not forget the pressure of high school - where conforming with one's peers was of vital importance.

I'll stop banging on and let you watch the video clip. My point is that "social experiments" are being chucked at us - causing havoc and resentment. A deliberate dividing and weakening of human beings. We need to overcome this. Pray hard for truth and unity in our LORD Jesus Christ. Remembering the 2nd most important commandment according to Jesus. That we love each other.

So - for all the flat earthers out there..... I believe you are profoundly wrong and misguided, BUT - if you believe and trust in our LORD Jesus Christ and all His commandments - you are still my brothers and sisters. Let's not allow Satan to divide and rule us.

Please watch this video clip, Doves. It will bless you.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

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