Fay (18 Mar 2018)
"Denial of the Trinity"

Going deep down into the rabbit hole of the flat earth theory, things become more and more alarming. Rob Skiba for one. This is something one has to do rather a lot of in-depth research for. Rob Skiba presents himself as a self effacing evangelical. On the surface - all seems legit...until you come across articles like the one linked below. Which means one has to double check if Skiba actually said these things. He did. And if you're not concentrating - you miss the jarring notes of what this man actually believes. It's subtle and deceptive. Skiba is a huge advocate of the flat earth theory.

The other subtle and deceptive fact I have come across in my research of the flat earthers and their beliefs, is the astonishing amount of anti Semitism I have come across. The belief that the Freemasons control the world and that the Jews control the Freemasons etc. If you care to - research the lyrics of some of B.o.B's rap "music". Hideous. Just hideous. 

One wonders what part of "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you" are these people missing. One would be stupid to deny that there are some evil people of Jewish origin out there. Just as there are evil people out of every race on the earth. But the Jewish people take the "evil" rap en masse. As does Israel. The devil LOATHES Israel and the Jewish people - as do his deluded followers. The "useful idiots".

This chronic deception will slither further and further into the world during the end times. We have to be on guard.