Fay (18 Mar 2018)
"Photo Proof"

Hey John and Doves,

Check out these photos. There's a very good one, taken from Concorde. As an aside - there must have been a very good reason why Almighty God allowed me to have the privilege of flying on Concorde. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I have come to know, with absolute certainty, that there are no coincidences. Everything we do - everything that happens to us has a reason. Perhaps this wonderful experience was for the purpose of addressing this subject on Doves? I needed to have that experience in order to address this subject with absolute confidence.

I know what I saw. And if any of you have seen the curvature of the earth from 60,000 feet, you would know that the "concave window" theory is ludicrous. Anyhoo.... if anything, I've gained lots more knowledge about this bizarre theory. It's a giant swizz. A mind boggling deception.

Praying for your soon return, LORD Jesus.