Fay (18 Mar 2018)
"The Flat Earth Debacle"

Here are some de bunking articles for your edification. If you have any doubts about the ridiculousness of this flat earth theory, I urge you to read these links. There are a lot more out there so, please, do your homework. I highly doubt that Satan misled us all into believing our earth is a ball, just to make us feel inadequate and "not special". haha. The devil has tried that particular ploy in a zillion other ways. Much cleverer ways. We have discovered the political machinations that the devil has used and our knowledge has greatly increased in this regard. We are awake and aware. Thousands of years have passed since the great philosophers and scientists discovered that our earth was NOT flat. And they did this at great risk to their own lives. The Roman Catholic church persecuted them mercilessly in their attempt to keep the truth from the masses.

Take notice of the link titled distract101. They have tried (in a very balanced way) to reason out why this flat earth stuff is being pushed. Who benefits? One only has to follow the money. The flat earth websites benefit. This is how they make their living - and probably a very tidy one too. All they need is one flat earther fan to cause a storm on any forum (Doves, for example) and this generates even more traffic to their websites by people searching for knowledge. *KERCHING* Money in the bank! What used to be a subject that most were indifferent to or just plain ignored as irrelevant, is now suddenly front and centre. And the reason I am going to be rabid and ruthless about this is because it could be part of The Great Deception that comes upon the world. When the AC performs his "signs and lying wonders", perhaps the flat earth theory will benefit them. Enabling the AC to deceive people.

I have now got the bit between my teeth. I am bloody cross and insulted at the arrogance and condescension of these flat earthers. Treating us as if WE are the blind and ignorant ones. To insult me by suggesting that what I saw - with my own eyes - was because of concave windows?? hahaha. What a grotesque explanation.

Please look at these links, Doves. Let's put this debacle to bed.

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