Fay (18 Mar 2018)
"John B"

So the windows of the Concorde are concave and "make everything look curved" huh? How very weird that nothing else looked curved out of those same windows. As the plane reduced altitude - quite a lot of altitude in quite a longish period of time - in preparation for landing, I observed that the clouds weren't bizarrely curved because of the concave windows. I noticed that JFK airport wasn't bizarrely curved because of concave windows. And on the way home, I noticed that London Heathrow wasn't bizarrely curved because of concave windows. On the way to New York, the plane had to divert to Gander Newfoundland, because of the weather. JFK was temporarily inaccessible. As we came in to land, that little airport didn't look bizarrely curved either. Isn't it ODD that it was only the earth that looked curved?? I will also add that I had the utmost privilege of seeing quite a large chunk of the curvature of the earth. It was abundantly clear.

As for the Natan reference. You went off on quite a tangent there. I, in no way, suggested that Natan described the heavens and the lay-out of the universe etc. Natan saw earth on his way to heaven. Period. If he had seen that earth was flat, I believe he would have mentioned it.

I will choose my battles carefully in future.

This is such a lunatic conversation. Utterly insane.

PS: As for needing a flat earth in order to feel "special" and different from all the other planets..... I am seriously gobsmacked. The rest of the other planets are lifeless. Barren. We can see this through our own backyard telescopes. Earth is positively teeming with life and the beauty of Almighty God's creation. We do not need a flat earth bonkers theory to feel "special". This is surely some sort of bizarre joke - this flat earth theory. Even the Illuminati playing cards predict the rise of the "flat earthers". I reckon the powers that be are laughing their pants off at how gullible and predictable some people are. Right at the crucial juncture of Bible prophecy unfolding, they have thrown in a curve ball for entertainments sake. I don't know if you have ever seen the movie with Jim Carey - The number 23? People can twist science and numbers to fit any agenda. Al Gore's famous climate change hockey stick chart, for example.

We ARE special. Planet earth IS special. It's the only planet brimful of life. It is the planet that has the Bible and the Holy Land. Jerusalem. It is the planet that hosted our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The one and only reason why I have engaged in this discussion is because some beloved Doves were being drawn in to this subject, Being sucked in. Shudder.

Let's get a firm grip.

May God Bless you too, John.