Fay (18 Mar 2018)
"Signs in the Stars? Fascinating news re Jupiter"

The photographs in these pictures are wonderful. The article is fascinating. Quoting from the article (which is well worth reading).... "The Great Red Spot's colour has been deepening, too, becoming intensely orange since 2014". "What the huge spot is losing in girth, it is gaining in height. It's cloud tops are getting higher. Because the storm has been contracting, the researchers expected to find the already- powerful internal winds becoming even stronger, like an ice skater who spins faster as she pulls in her arms. But instead of accelerating, the storm appears to be forced to stretch up. It's almost like clay being shaped on a potter's wheel", Nasa said in a statement. "As the wheel spins, an artist can transform a short, round lump into a tall, thin vase by pushing inward with his hands. The smaller he makes the base, the taller the vessel will grow".

So - the Red Spot storm is stretching upwards - reaching up and out - and becoming an intense shade of orange. This has GOT to indicate something. We shall soon know what.

Jupiter's 'Great Red Spot' megastorm is SHRINKING