Fay (11 Mar 2018)
"Sunday March 11th"


Firstly - Happy Mother's Day from the UK.

 I hesitated writing this as nothing may happen but I shall be VERY surprised if nothing happens. Something big should happen. Whether or not it's our blessed hope of the rapture or whether it's a political thing, remains to be seen. Not only have I always firmly believed that the Fukushima disaster was a marker but I believe it was a HUGE marker. Bracketed as it was by the Christchurch earthquake on 22nd February, 2011 and JR Church's passing on 22nd March, 2011. The pale green horse was seen in Egypt in February 2011 and the Temple Mount UFO / Orb was seen in Jerusalem in January 2011.

Not only is 11th March, 2018 the 7 year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster but it is also the 70th day of 2018.

We are in the 70th year of Israel being back in the Holy Land.

It is 7 days (inclusive) before Nisan 1.

It is 70 days before Pentecost.

It is 14 days ( 2 x 7 ) before Palm Sunday.

It is 21 days ( 3 x 7) before Easter Sunday

All those 7's !!

I find it difficult to believe that Almighty God hasn't marked this day out for something. I have prayed hard about sending this post.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.