Fay (11 Mar 2018)
"More on May 2018"

The more I think about and read the plans for this coming May 2018, the more something prickles up and down my spine. For a start - President Trump is likely to be in Israel for the 70 year celebration. If not on 14th May exactly, then soon before or after. Will Prince William and President Trump be in Israel at the same time? Something big is brewing, Doves, because this is unheard of. Not only is it HUGE that Israel will have been back in the Holy Land for 70 years but President Trump has officially recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital and will be there in May to commemorate this as well as the 70 year anniversary. Now, Prince William is going to be there too !!  Would the Arab aggressors try something at this time? One would think not. If they did, WW3 would start immediately. If President Trump or Prince William were caught up in some vile attack on Israel - there would be world-wide hell to pay. I am sorely tempted to go out on a limb here and say that this coming May does NOT bode well for Israel. It's also rather odd to think of Prince William, standing on the Mount of Olives (visiting his grandmother's grave) during this highly significant year and time. Very odd. We have some high watch dates coming up:

1 Nisan 5778 -     17th March, 2018 (New Year in Israel)

Palm Sunday -      25th March, 2018 (Revelation 7:9)

Passover        -      30th March to 7th April, 2018

Good Friday     -    30th March, 2018

Easter Sunday -     1st April, 2018

Israel's 70th      -     14th May, 2018

Pentecost         -      20th May, 2018

In Royal First, Prince William to Visit Israel This Summer