Elliot Hong (4 Mar 2018)
"Two Methuselahs, Two Esthers and Blue Moon Passover"

Dear Doves:

When Ariel Sharon died on 1/11(Judgment) in 2014 after 8(Noah) years of coma, some suggested that he was a type of Methuselah.

When Billy Graham died on 2/21/18 at the age of 99, some suggested that he was a type of Methuselah as well.

How these two Methuselahs can be interpreted?

The death of Ariel Sharon should be interpreted as a warning of the coming Judgment.

But the death of Billy Graham should be a notification of the Judgment, no longer a warning.

A question is how many days' notice it will be?

Perhaps 10-14 days' notice?

There are two Esthers as well.

They are Jewish Esther and Gentile Esther who has been grafted in.

Since Jewish Esther doesn't believe in Yeshua, she can't be chosen as the queen to marry the King.

Instead Gentile Esther will marry the Lamb of God first.

Thus Gentile Esther is Leah and Jewish Esther is Rachel.

For Jewish Esther is not victorious, she will be deceived by a scheme of Haman(AC) and be in a great danger as signing "Two State Solution."

This is why Gentile Esther should pray for and help Jewish Esther to be rescued from Haman's wiles.

And it's possible that the separation between these two Esthers was made during this Purim.

As I suggested in the previous letter, Obama's visit the Church of the Nativity on Nisan 10, 2013 was the prophetic sign for the future event.

Thus it's possible that Obama enters Jerusalem on Nisan 10 this year and confirms the covenant of Daniel 9:27 on Passover.

It makes sense to me that the 70th week of Daniel resumes from when 69 weeks were completed.

It was also Passover when the restoration work for Israel was halted as the Messiah was cut off.

And God wants to show a contrast between the True Messiah and AC through Passover so that the world learns the Truth.

This coming Passover is blue moon which is 4 years from the first Passover blood moon of the Tetrad.

It fits to 4(3+1) years of the barren fig tree parable which is written in Luke 13:6-9.

And in order that AC confirms the covenant on Passover, the Rapture and wars should occur 3-4 weeks before Passover.

This is why I think that it could be 14 days' notice from the death of Billy Graham, since 14(meaning Salvation) is the number of Passover.