Elliot Hong (25 Mar 2018)
"Nisan 10, Nisan 14 and Nisan 17"

Dear Doves:

Nisan 10

1) As it's written in Exodus 19:3-6, a lamb without defect should be taken on Nisan 10 for Passover.

    When Jesus entered Jerusalem as the Messiah and the King on Nisan 10, he disclosed himself as the sinless Lamb for Passover.

    Likewise, the Bride could be chosen on Nisan 10 as a lamb without blemish and without spot.

2) Before to enter Jerusalem, Jesus wept because he knew a tragedy coming to his people who failed to recognize the Appointed Time. 

     And Nisan 10 could be the same Appointed Time both for Israel and Church.

     Also Nisan 10 was the day when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River.

     Thus the Ark's door could be closed as something big occurs on Nisan 10.

Nisan 14

1) 1/31 was Super Blue Blood Moon.

     This Passover is Blue Moon which is 2 months from 1/31.

     2 means Separation and Division, and Genesis 41:32 can be applied for it.

2) The funeral for Billy Graham was held on 3/2 which was Purim and the first full moon in March.

     This Passover full moon is the second full moon in March.

     Thus Genesis 41:32 can be applied for it as well.

3) This Passover Blue Moon is 4 years from the first Passover Blood Moon of the Tetrad.

     And it fits to 4 years(3 years + 1 year) of the barren fig tree parable which is written in Luke 13:6-9.

     Thus it's possible that the Judgment begins from this Passover.

4) This Passover(3/31) is 222 days from the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 on 8/21.

5) 3/31 in US is 4/1 in Israel, and it fits to Rev.4:1.

6) According to Calvin's post, Rev.12 sign which appeared on 9/23/17 will be reappeared during this Passover.

    Genesis 41:32 can be applied for it.

Nisan 17

1) Jesus resurrected on Nisan 17.

    17 means Victory, and adding up from 1 to 17 is 153 of John 21:11.

2) Nisan 14-17 could be for 3 Days of Darkness.

3) Nisan 17 is 4/3, and 4/3 in US is 4/4 in Israel.

     It fits to Vincent Tan's $2.34.

     44 means Death and Destruction, and O was the 44th.

4) Since Passover is observed for 7 days, it's for high alert until 4/8.