Elliot Hong (11 Mar 2018)
"High Alert for March 11-17"

Dear Doves:

It was the significant sign that the funeral of Billy Graham was held on 3/2 which was Purim and the full moon of the 12th month.

To me, it was the sign that the process of the Wedding has begun as the Church Age ended.

A question is how long it will take that the King comes to get His Bride.

Here are 4 dates for high alert.

1) 3/11 is 7 years from the great earthquake and tsunami of Japan on 3/11/11.

     11 means Judgment.

2) 3/13 is 5 years from the election of Pope on 3/13/13.

     13 means Apostasy and Rebellion.

3) 3/16 is the last day before the New Year of the Jewish religious calendar begins.

     It's 14 days from 3/2 and 14 means Salvation.

     It's 40 days from Super Bowl 2018 on 2/4 and 40 means Test, Trial and Probation.

     It's 44 days from Super Blue Blood Moon on 1/31, and 44 means Death and Destruction.

     Since O was the 44th, something big could occur on 3/16 and it could usher O to come back.

     In order that the prophecy of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel becomes a true, the Bride must be taken to Heaven before or on 3/16.

     The Messianic Age begins in Heaven as Yeshua is crowned by His people including the Bride.   

     Then 7 years later, the Lord's Kingdom will be moved to Jerusalem as David did after the 7 years reign in Hebron.

4) 3/17 is the new moon of Nisan.

     A new moon is called as veiled moon and the importance of  veil has been emphasized in the previous letters.

     As the Scripture said "new wine into new wineskins," it's possible that God begins to deal with Israel from the new moon of Nisan.

     For God wants His chosen people to know who the Lamb of Passover is, the new moon of Nisan is the best time to begin a lesson.

     A recent speedy peace developement between North Korea and South Korea as well as US and North Korea fits to 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

     Perhaps the prophecy "a big explosion will occur when the moon is in the top of it's phase" might be meant a new moon.