Eaglet (25 Mar 2018)
"Gino: The Seven Seals"

Hi Gino,

Jesus Christ, when He was found worthy to open the seals, need not to tarry for 2,000 years, if some scholars say that the opening of the seals has not began yet.

Seals 1 to 5 had been going on since Jesus Christ ascended in to Heaven.

The Dark Ages, the Great Bubonic Plague, The Great Economic Crash, WW1 and WW2 and other Great Wars, Famines and Plagues in Africa and other places, Natural and Man-made Calamities, Men killed by wild beasts in the seas, forest, mountains, and jungles; Martyrdom of the Christians; in which the death and mortality would sum up to 1/4 of the earths population from Ascension up to the end of the Great Tribulation. All of this had happened already and still on going to date.

Just imagine how worst it will be when Seal 6, the Great Tribulation comes.

Understand the Seals with an open mind and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It will change your perspective from the most popular and prevailing views on Revelation Timeline.

The hard part is fitting the Millennium and the Trumpet Judgement at Seal 7.

Here are some pointers:

1. Millennium  is a thousand years of peace on Earth. If there is peace on earth, is there peace on Heaven also? remember that satan and his minions are locked up in prison in the abyss/bottomless pit to keep them from doing any trouble during the millennium kingdom period. Checkout also 1 John 2;18 regarding his understanding of what an hour is to him, anyway John is also the writer of the Book of Revelation.

2. The only Angel/Beast that is clearly said in scripture that got out of the Abyss is satan in Rev. 20 at the end of the Millennium.

3. Gog and Magog happened at the end of the Millennium (Rev. 20, Ez. 38). Gog and Magog of Ez. 39 happened in armageddon the key is the Great Supper prepared for the carrion birds as also mentioned in Rev. 19.

4. Magog, the 200 million tortured and deceived horsemen riding on the horselike locusts that came out of the priso/abyss /bottomless pit, their NUMBER is as many as the SAND OF THE SEA, John heard their NUMBER.

5. Gog can be the Destroyer, Apollyon, Abandon, satan, the 8th king who is of the seven long time ago, who once was, now is not, but will come out of his prison/abyss/bottomless pit and be destroyed in the Lake of Fire.

6. the Two Witnesses will prophesy in accordance to what is written on the Little Scroll to the nations so others will not be deceived by satan at the last 3.5 years of his SHORT PERIOD of reign at the end of the millennium

7. The Time for Judging the Dead will happen at the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium. According to Rev. 20, the rest of the dead did not rise yet, so the sheep and the goat judgement will not happen before the start of the millennium kingdom, it will happen at the White Throne Judgement. (Matt. 25 - Sheep saved, the nation in the New Heaven and New Earth; Goats with satan and his angels in the Lake of Fire)

8. Rewarding of the Saints and Prophets happened at the Great White Throne Judgement, the Judgement Seat of Christ. The Dead and Alive in Christ when they were resurrected and raptured was not judged and rewarded yet, as clearly said in Rev. 20. They were given only authority to judge and to become the royal priesthood ministering at the Golden Altar as intercessors and judges for the remnant Israel and nations that will repopulate the millennium kingdom, reigning with Christ.

9. TIME WILL BE NO LONGER at the end of the Millennium because what follows after is eternity in the New Heaven and New Earth. No more sun and moon to tell the time.

10. The Mystery of God (the content of the The Scroll, after all the seals are broken) will only be completed at the end of the Millennium, at the White Throne Judgement, at the Appearing of the Ark of the Covenant, through His Christ (Col. 2), after death and sin is destroyed, after all power, authority, and kingdoms will be subdued and handed over by Christ to God, so that God will be all in all, and be anointed as the MOST HOLY. Daniel 9:24.