Douglas Henney (18 Mar 2018)
"Why I am watching April 1st"

Below is a link to a good video showing that the count of weeks/days in Daniel 9 have a dual fulfillment that culminates on April 1, 2018:

Watch "Daniel's 70 Weeks" on YouTube

The first fulfillment took place when Jesus rode into Jerusalem sitting on a donkey on Nisan 10, the day the Passover lambs were to be set aside and examined by the people.  It was also marking the same day Joshua led Israel across the Jordan and into the promised land.

I shared in my last post how I think Nisan 10 may be when the two witnesses set foot back down on earth, in Israel.  That may indeed unfold according to the timing of what I presented, on Nisan 10, but I am now thinking that we may not be going home at the same time, but a few days later, on the day of the Firstfruits offering, per the count of days/weeks prophecied in Daniel and layed out well in Daniel Matsen's video above.

Last night I wrestled with what appeared to me to have been the ending of the Jubilee with us still being here.  I had discovered, prior, that the equinox, if determined from a Jerusalem/Israel perspective, fell on March 16th.  This meant that the Enoch calendar, the jewish calendar and I believe also the Biblical calendar all lined up for the first month of the new year.  God had essentially made the calendar debate a non-issue, which is a sign of grace to us, in my perspective.

So, why are we still here?

Because the year of Jubilee, which just ended, is not for the body of Christ.  Jesus Himself is our Jubilee.  It was for freedom that He set us free (Galatians 5:1).

Does that mean that the Father does not have a calendar for us that has a final "month" in which we finally get to go home?  In my thinking, no.  We do have a calendar from the Father and we are now in its 12th month.  The "name" of that "month-time" is the constellation Pisces on God's constellation story-clock.

The sun just entered Pisces March 13th.  The sun enters Aries (God's Lamb constellation) on/about April 20th.

For the body of Christ, Aries is our first month timing marker, Pisces is our 12th month.  Why do I think this?

When Jesus died on the cross, it was the Jews' first biblical month of Nisan.  The sun was in Aries at that time.  When the sun was ecclipsed for 3 hous when Jesus was on the cross, the people could look up and see that the sun was in God's Lamb constellation.  The heavens were proclaiming what God was up to on earth so that the people would have yet one more clue/sign about who Jesus was and what He was accomplishing on their behalf.

For the body of Christ today, Jesus Himself is our "reference point" or our "All in all", and I believe this includes understanding God's constellation clock.  Back then, He told us , in a way, since the cross and empty tomb is the only foundation of our entire inheritance from God, of being brought into union with Jesus Himself, that Aries is to be the first "month" for us.

Now, God also miraculously/brilliantly did something with the constellation clock.  He caused the earth's axis to have its own, very slow, rotation that results in what is referred to nowadays as the precession of the equinoxes.  Basically, over about the 2000 years since Jesus died, the sun ends up being in a constellation "one prior" to where it was that same time of year 2000 years in the past.  The result for us now?  While the Biblical calendar now has us firmly in first month, the sun is not in Aries yet, it is still in Pisces.

In otherwards, there is an overlap of the calendars, and is why we are still here after the Jubilee is over.  I think the reason for this is that we are in a transition time, an overlap of ages in a sense.  God is dealing with the body of Christ and dealing with the chosen remnant within Israel/Judah at the same time.  This is being shown to us by the fact that the sun is in Pisces.  The picture that is Pisces is two fish tethered together (by Jesus) yet with one oriented up from the eccliptic (the body of Christ longing to go home) and one oriented along the eccliptic (remnant Israel/Judah whose destiny is the earth-based kingdom from God).  

I cannot but wonder if the death of Billy Graham marked a 40 day transition window up to the day of the Firstfruits Offering on April 1st, echoing the timing presented in Daniel Matsen's video.  This transition window is also being shown to us by the sun's position in Pisces.

I understand that some hold to the ripe barley as being the reference point when to start a Biblical year. I no longer think this valid.  For one, in Genesis God says that a purpose of the sun, moon, and stars is to determine the years, and ripe barley is not mentioned.   Secondly, the ripe barley system does not work for the following reason, and it is a reason we actually just experienced with 2017's ripe barley timing as related to 2018's ripe barley timing:

Last year it appeared that the ripening of the barley was delayed and so it was asserted by some that a 13th month should have been added.  Lets assume that is indeed the case.  However, it is very clear that this year the barley is definitely ready for the barley wave offering to take place on April 1st.  To get these two years to link, I then have to throw out last year's 12th month.  Why?  According to last years barley sighting, we just started the 12th month.  But now this year's barley is already ripe to go ahead and have month one to have started instead.  So, what do I do with last year's 12th month?  Using the ripe barley to start a year simply does not work when I have a "delayed ripening year" immediately followed by an "early ripening year".

I say all of this to express that I believe we are now in the Biblical month of Nisan.  Some may counter that the new moon has not been sighted yet and so we are still in the Jubilee year.  Even if that is so, I still believe we will still be here when that day comes and goes because the Jubilee year reckoning is not for the body of Christ.  It is for Israel.

This past Jubilee year simply was not honored by the nations and will be a reason for the coming judgements on those very nations.  Trump declared a simple Biblical truth.  Jerusalem belongs to Israel.  Did the nations humble themselves before the Creator?  honoring His right to rule the nations through a people, land and capital of His choosing? submitting themselves to His revelation of that fact in the scriptures?  No!  Instead they basically all gave God the "finger".  And the leader who declared that Jerusalem belongs to Israel is also the same one who esteems himself as the "man of the hour" to divide the land for pseudo peace.  No, all of the nations are clear in what they intend.  The Jubilee year was the set time for people to be given back their rightful possessions and it was not submitted to at all in terms of Israel.  Now, comes judgements.  At the end of the judgement years, Jesus will see to it that the land is given back to the people of God's choosing.

Now, returning to Daniel Matsen's video, the reason I place great weight on this information about the count culminating on April 1st, is that this way of watching, by doing a count of years, echoes the way Jesus expected the people of Israel and Jerusalem to know who He was and the very day He would present Himself riding on a donkey.  It fulfilled a count!   Yes, there were many signs given to the people, even with the wise men out of Babylon recognizing some of the timing clues at Jesus' birth.  But the main bottom line, it seems to me, is that Jesus expected Israel, including its religious shepherds, to receive Him on that Nisan the 10th date, because they were expected to know, "this your day".  They were to do the count of years given in Daniel. This was as important, if not more so, than seeing and recognizing all of the signs of the times and the miracles Jesus did.  Israel was to know the day of "Messiah the Prince"'s arrival to the people by having done the count.  Simple.

I am thinking the very same thing applies for us in these last days.  We have been given so many signs.  We know this is the time. And we also, like Israel during Jesus' time, have been given a count of years to do per Daniel, so that we will know the specific "this your day" when "Messiah the Prince" presents Himself to us, but instead of riding on a donkey, He will be riding on the clouds of heaven. According to the very same prophecy in Daniel, we are to add up the 62 weeks of years with the 7 weeks of years to determine their fulfillment of when the "Messiah the Prince" will present Himself to us and take us home.

The scriptures say, "Teach us to number our days so that we may present to You a heart of wisdom."  One thing we have been taught is watch what God does with Israel. I have come to the conclusion that for the body of Christ, watching for Jesus to come for us, the key is not so much identitfying events/clues relative to the calendar given to Israel, but doing a count in terms of Israel, with God's constellation story-clock as the backdrop.

Do you also see, if what I present is valid, and I believe it is, how folks who assert that we "cannot know the day", taking verses out of the context of when Jesus was talking about His second coming with the disciples, are not seeing the central need to simply do a count and number the days?  And I admit that the way I have done watching over time ended up obscuring this basic "method".

It is kind of funny to me that with all of the watching I have done over a number of years, that the whole time it all was a very simple matter of just "counting".  I do believe at least one reason my Father to let me go through all of that is that if I had known back in the early 90's I would have to have wait 25 years before going home, I am not sure how I would have handled that revelation/understanding.  Likely not very well.  Our Father definitely knows what He is doing.

By the way, if God does go by the sighting of the new moon for Israel to start their month, then it would allow for the same three (and a half) days of spiritual darkness the disciples experienced after the crucifixion (removal) of Jesus that lined up with the first three and a half days of the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread, to also fall (those same days of darkness) instead, right after we go home on what would then be the first day of Unleavened Bread.  Recall that it was in the middle of the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread that Jesus showed up to His gathered disciples.  Might some of us also, after the body of Christ is removed on April 1, come back in the middle of the 7 day Feast of Unleavened Bread like Jesus did, right after the world also just experienced three and a half days of deep, personal darkness, and then reveal ourselves to select people per the Father's direction, and do this for the same 40 day window that Jesus did before ascending to heaven the second time?

If it unfolds like that, then guess when the final ascension day is after that 40 day time of ministering ends?  On the day of May 14th, the 70th anniversary of Israel according to the Gregorian calendar. Coincidence?

Please go to God with what I have written above.  Our loyalty and dependance is only Him.  He alone is our teacher.


Douglas Henney