Douglas H (11 Mar 2018)
"My thoughts on watch possibilities"

The death of Billy Graham has real significance in my opinion.  In my thinking, no one embodied the age of grace in his proclamation of Jesus Christ more than Mr. Graham.  He is known world wide.  God used him to impact so many with the good news of what Jesus did, and this was done over decades, in many countries.

I am thinking that God may have chosen the date of his death as a way of expressing that this age of grace is coming to a close.  Even as the media reminisced about him, I observed that the gospel was again proclaimed to a very large audience.  To me, this is just like God to proclaim His Son and what Jesus accomplished on such a wide scale just before judgements then have to begin.

Even at Billy's funeral, his daughter clearly expressed the same, and even almost shouted, "Wake up.  Jesus is coming."  I wondered how many millions heard that?  Again, it is just like God to reach out yet again, before the years of world wide judgements commence.

I also wonder if his death marked the beginning of a 40 day transition from the age of grace to when God will focus solely on the chosen Remnant within Israel/Judah.  That would bring us to Resurrection weekend, a real possibility for when the dead in Christ rise and we go home.

I also see Nisan 10 as a high watch day (the first part of the last week of March), when Joshua took the chosen people into their promised land.  Even Billy's daughter, at the furneral, drew folks attention to this type/shadow. 

"If" Jesus were to actually come for us on that day that Ann alluded to in front of millions, I smile at the idea for this reason: 

I have been watching/studying for a good 25 years, and here is one sister in Christ, Ann at her father's funeral, sharing with possibly millions in the body of Christ when the Rapture was to happen, and right before it takes place, resulting in many believers not only basically being informed by God of the actual Rapture timing but also while many of those may not have done any prior "watching" at all!  Can we say the word, "Grace."?  To me, this would be just like God to do.  Now, God led me to watch all of that time.  But He does not require it.  In love and grace God can simply give a heads-up to many right before it takes place, whether they have been watching or not.  So, when Ann pointed people to when Joshua took the people into their promised land as a picture of what Jesus will do for us, my hears perked up, big time.

We'll see.

Joshua taking Israel into the promised land also has some interesting details to me.  The ark of the covenant being supported by four priests is what parted and held open the Jordan river until all the people crossed.  I am thinking this is a possible picture of the Father, on His throne supported by four cherubim angels, in some way parting all of the space dimensions seperating earth from heaven while Jesus brings us all home.  Once we are home, He closes it back up.

I also wonder if Nisan 10 is when Elijah, and the other of the two witnesses, might come to earth.  I observed that just before Elijah was raptured, he traced Israel's path after they crossed the Jordan (Gilgal, Bethel, Jericho) before he parted the Jordan and walked across but in the opposite direction that the children of Israel did.  He ends up on the east side of the Jordan where Joshua and Israel were gathered right before they actually crossed on Nisan 10.  There he is raptured.  It makes sense that he would come back to the same place he left off from.  In his path leading up to his rapture, with each step being directed specifically by God, might we have been pointed to Nisan 10?

I observed that Elijah had to have the Jordan river part before he got to that spot.  I speculate that this may be a picture of a future/grander event.  I wonder if when the Father might part the celestial places from His throne for us to go into our promised land under Jesus' leadership, that Elijah might come through at the same time but be going in the opposite direction, back to earth to start his ministry.

We will soon find out.

We are so close.

In terms of all of the various calendar issues, I have a theory.  I think God will use the popular Jewish calendar whether it is Biblically accurate or not.  Why?  Because I believe a main purpose of the timing of the rapture will be to totally provoke the Jews (at least the 144,000) to jealousy.

If the rapture happens on a feast day the jews are observing, the 144,000 will get the Biblical meaning/significance.  They will, in that moment, have a type of "Paul on the road to Damascus" moment, where they will be confronted with the fact that their whole lives have been "wrong" about the Messiah.  It is likely they will have some type of three days of darkness where they are sat on their proverbial butts and do nothing else but look in the mirror, just like Paul went through before a prophet sent from God opened his eyes.  When the two witnesses show up, guess who will be all ears to what they proclaim about Jesus?  And guess who will be motivated to proclaim Jesus afterwards?  Guess who might have to wait until the Feast of Pentecost until they are sealed to do so?

After Elijah and the other witness shows up, I figure they will restore the observance of the true Biblical calendar.

And I also understand that it is a strong possibility that this year the popular jewish calendar actually also lines up with the Scriptures.  However, what I am suggesting is that the calendar debate may actually be a non-issue because of what God intends and will be doing in terms of Israel.  What this allows for is the Jubilee actually ending mid April yet we go home on a "first month" event per the Jewish calendar, which ends up taking places before the Jubilee truly ends.

So, Nisan 10, and the Feast of Firstfruits on Resurrection Sunday, and even the day of Passover are all very high watch dates.

Again, we will soon find out.