Doug L (11 Mar 2018)
"Lewis Brakett re: The Bride of the Church is only the Church age believers.period."

Thank you for your accurate statement and I agree with everything you stated. You did not, however, accurately restate my quote.

"Since the beginning of The Church" many have died (without The Rapture) and are in heaven as the Bride awaiting the end of the Church age when all who are Bride, friends of the bride and all others attending - come together for the wedding.

Those who qualify as the Bride begins with the Church until the end of that age. I began my list with the Bride first and included the others to show the distinction between attendees. My point is... The Rapture is simply an event at the close of the Church Age for those who are the Bride to join the others who have already died during that age. All the rest are as you described.

Blessings to you - DougL