Dennis Watson (4 Mar 2018)

Hello again brother John. Please allow this to be seen by the Doves. We are so close. I think as we work at this we are truly getting to "one accord" even before we will at the rapture.

I submit again, humbly again, a count. There are many who look around and who will correctly see we are at the end of days by pointing to what is happening in culture, in geopolitics, in what is happening in the die offs in the animal kingdom as set forth in Hosea 4:3. These tell us judgment has begun and wrath (which the Church will not be a part of) is getting close. 

However, Jesus said that when we see these things begin to happen we are to "look up!" Looking around tells us we are at the end. "Looking up" gives us precise calculations from the signs in the sun, moon and stars that we are given by a sovereign Lord. And, we were told these signs would occur in these last days.

Add that to certain other lessons from Scripture and it is possible that Hebrews 10:25 does indicate we might see "the day" approaching. Further, Revelation 3:3 really does indicate we might actually be able to know "the hour." Hah! and less and less by trial and error as we become more familiar with how intricately and amazingly our God counts.

Here are the main assumptions I have and upon which I write this article:

1. Scripture contains the clues we need.

2. The rapture will be on the 1st day of the week because I believe it to be a type. New things are created on the first day of the week. “Light” in Genesis 1 and a “resurrected Son” in the Gospels, and the “new creations” created on Pentecost in Acts 2. A "new" birth, which is what the rapture is, from this, should likewise be on the first day of the week.
3. The rapture is the termination of the membership drive for the Church, the termination of the ongoing season of Pentecost which was initiated in Acts 2.

4. The rapture is on a date not otherwise "expected." It is not on a feast date. Pentecost started on a feast day of course. However, there is no requirement that the effect of Pentecost terminate on a Pentecost feast day or any other feast day. 

5. Every time a highlighted rapture date has gone by, there has been new information which even allows for more precision. This may happen again. Praise God! We are getting close!

Blessings Saints. Soon we rise and shine.


Dennis Watson