Daniel (11 Mar 2018)
"Surprising peace process in Corea (similar november 1989) + Jewish Jubilees + rapture"

Surprising peace process in Corea (similar november 1989) + Jewish Jubilees + rapture
- Possible prophetic scenario for the next two months (february 2018 - april 2018)
- The important numbers 120 and 6000 + 1000
Dear brethren of Five Doves
Hello from brother Daniel in Switzerland. My mother tongue is Swiss German dialect but
my English is quite oK so I hope and pray that You will very well understand this message:
I wrote some letters to Five Doves several years ago especially a long letter about the
timing of the Gog and Magog war and that this war can only be after the rapture (see
Five Doves letters 23rd may 2012 "Timing of the Gog and Magog war").
During the last years I stayed silent and did not write any longer to Five Doves. And also
the frequency of the Five Doves letters was less and less too: In 2010 - 2012 there were
daily new letters but later on 2014ff. the frequency went down now to only one weekly
edition on sundays with the new Five Dove letters and not daily any longer.
The Lord started to wake me up again with the surprising election of Donald Trump and then
spoke to me again and again about this english word "Trump" and that "trump" is in the Bible
always connected with the rapture.
Of course I expected something really great to happen during the Jubilee and I first thought that
the next Jewish Jubilee is from autumn 2016 to autumn 2017. But nothing special seemed to have
happened during that time and somehow I started to lose my state of being alert or even started
to fall asleep as most of the other christians:
But even this is prophetic ! Because the Bible says that at the very end and especially at
the moment before the bridegroom immediately arrives, even the wise virgins start to fall
asleep = Matthew 25,5 "The bridegroom was a long time in coming and they all
became drowsy and fell asleep".
And this exactly happened now 2010 ff. when the frequency of the Five Doves letters decreased
a lot and were not published anylonger on a daily basis but only once a week on sunday !
But now it just happened actually to me by New Year/january 2018 ff. that the Lord began
to reveal and to speak to me again about the late hour 23.55 p.m. or even 23.59 and indeed
very soon being midnight = the time when the bridegroom finally arrives (Matthew 25).
And the Lord started to show me a special period in my past and exactly the time of november 1989
+ autumn 1988 + the possible very soon and surprising peace process in Corea + the true calendar
of the 120th jewish Jubilee + the possible very soon and immediate rapture by february/march/
april 2018:
1.  Autumn 1988 + 1989 (surprising peace in Germany)
When I grew up with a bright and merciful youth in the very blessed and free country of
Switzerland there was the time of the cold war. Our teachers, parents and other adults always
told us that America is the good and free country but on the other side and geographically
much nearer is the evil and dark power of communism and of Russia. From my birth place in the
very East of Switzerland it is only appr. 500 kilometers to Prague and appr. 400 km to the
very west border of Switzerland and the well known city of Geneva. So communism and Russia
and possible WW III was always in our mind. And the Swiss Army - as a neutral country
and not in the Nato - always in highest alert of a surprising attack by the Russian Red Army,
especially after 1968 when the Russians invaded Prague in a surprising and very fast night
attack. And we knew and red a lot in the newspapers about our neighbourhood country
Germany and how Germany was a divided country and that the border between BRD
(= West Germany = Bundesrepublik Deutschland) and DDR (= East Germany = Deutsche
Demokratische Republik) was completely closed and almost impossible to cross without being
immediately killed by the 24-h-watching soldiers or by one of the shooting machines.
And for decades it seemed absolutely impossible that this very strong border BRD - DDR
and the Iron Curton would someday come to an end. And suddenly the Lord in january 2018
also reminded me of a Sunday service I attended once in Bregenz/Austria in autumn 1988  as
it was just yesterday and when in that interdenominational Sunday service the very well known
German missionary and brother Reinhard Bonnke/Christ for All nations came to minister that Sunday
morning to Bregenz/Austria. And one of his co-pastors and who had his office in 1988 in West
Berlin started the service and this pastor told us that he has to drive from his home to the office 
always near the Berlin wall and that the Lord is always telling him that the Berlin wall will fall some
day but that the Lord never told him when this would ever happen. And therefore everyday when
he is driving to his office that he gives thanks and worships to the Lord in his car while driving
near the Berlin wall for forfilling this prophecy at a time and a date that only the Lord knows and
that he always has the inner testimony that "someday the Berlin wall will fall" but without knowing
if this will take another week, another year or even another 20 or 30 years until to the forfillment
of the inner testimony and that the Berlin wall will fall.
This testimony was given in the Bregenz service in autumn 1988. But for sure none of the brethren
in that service would ever have thought in his farest phantasy that the forfillment of the prophecy
was just only one year ahead and to be forfilled already one year later in early november 1989:
And it was such a complete surprise to the whole world that from one day to another on a friday
in early november 1989 the deliverance in Berlin started to take place.
And that's exactly how prophecy happens quite often: To know from the Lord what will surely happen
but without knowing exactly when. Even the first christians thought that the return of the Lord would
be very soon (days, weeks, few months ?) when the Lord ascended to Heaven and when He said that for
sure that He will come back.
And this was so surprisingly fast how this happened - 1988 the testimony of this German pastor giving
the prophecy about the wall of Berlin - 1989 the start of the deliverance of DDR/East Germany and
the deliverance of the Iron curtain - 1990 the official reunification of Germany as a whole nation in
october 1990 and not even one year later the start of the deliverance in november 1989.
If in that Sunday service in Bregenz/Austria in autumn 1988 one of the brethren and after the testimony
of that pastor would have spoken and as a prophecy from the Lord "Now in addition to the testimony of
this Berlin pastor I want to tell to the congregation now that it takes not even two years by now 1988
that Germany will be united again as a whole nation by autumn 1990" then for sure the great
majority of that christian congregation in 1988 would have stated such prophecy and that prophet as being
completely impossible and never to happen so fast  !
2.  Possible very surprising peace process in Corea by february/march 2018
And I felt now by january/New Year 2018 also that the Lord was telling to me that the very same that
happened so surprisingly fast in East and West Germany in 1989/1990 will probably happen now in both
South and North Corea and that this has to happen exactly before the rapture and as a forfillment of
Bible prophecy 1. Thess. 5, 2 + 3.
It is anyhow very interesting that there is a powerful christian prayer and revival movement in South
Corea sinc the 1950ies and this country being probably one of the countries worldwide with the highest
percentage rate of born again christians. I was once in Corea in 1995 and there is also near Seoul an
interdenominational prayer and fasting mountain and during the whole year 24 h/d being appr. 3000 to
20'000 christians on this mountain just making a rest and a personal time out for prayer and fasting.
And of course this spiritual power of the christian church in South Corea is always praying a lot for
the deliverance and freedom of North Corea. But for many years and with so much power of prayer
and fasting in South Corea nothing happened with this strong border South Corea/North Corea. Similar
to Germany, for decades the wall of Berlin and the Iron Curton and nothing happening - and then and
as a complete surprise to the whole world within one day the deliverance on a very very normal
friday morning ("business as usual") in november 1988 - and exactly the same surprise and probably
on a very normal day ("business as usual") will be the rapture as a complete to the whole world
But now it seems that in Corea the peace process and the deliverance has started and I would not
be surprised that this could even happen similar as it happened in Germany 1989. And the Lord spoke
to me that this peace process in Corea will be a very very strong prophetic sign for the very near
and immediate rapture of thechurch.
1. Thessalonians 5,2 + 3
And if this surprising peace process in Corea will happen now during the coming weeks, then and finally
all over the world and like never before people will say "Peace, peace...".
But this will just be the forfillment of the prophecy in 1. Thessalonians 5,2 + 3: "While people are
saying "peace and safety", destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant
woman and they will not escape"
3.  Jewish Jubilee 2017 -2018
Unfortunately I was wrong when I thought that the Jubilee was from autumn 2016 to autumn 2017 and
therefore surprised that nothing of prophetic importance happened until autumn 2017.
Then I found out that the Jubilee is from spring 2017 to spring 2018 and I encourage You to study this in
Youtube "Proof that we are still in the Jubilee Year 5777 (2017 - 2018) 5 min 6 sec".
And always in the Jubilees God makes something important with Israel
Jubilee 1917:    General Allenby delivered Jerusalem of the Osman Empire
Jubilee 1967:    Reoccupation of West Jerusalem by the Jews in the Six Day war
Jubilee 2017:    Declaration of D. Trump = Jerusalem being the capital of Israel
This last event of december 2017 and with the declaration of Donald Trump was still in the Jubilee
because the correct date of the Jubilee is march 2017 to march 2018 !
4.  The importance of the numbers 120 and 6000 + 1000
But then the Lord spoke to me also about the high probability of the rapture still in this jubilee
and the great importance of the numbers 120 and 6000 + 1000:
There are 120 Jubilees in Jewish history since Adam = 120 x 50 = 6000 years.
You find this in
www.kabbalahsecrets.com then on the right scroll down to the Divine Calendar and download
to the free ebook:
There are now also a little bit more than 120 years since the Zionist congress with Th. Herzl in
Basel/Switzerland and and at that congress to make the decision to found again the nation of Israel
1897 - 2017.
And remember also the word in 2. Peter 3,8 "that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years,
and a thousand years as one day"
And therefore I think it could very well happen now the rapture exactly at the end of that actual 120th
Jubilee = rapture by february-march-april 2018 !!!
6000 years of human history = 6 days of Creation
1000 years = the Millenial kingdom = 7 th day of Creation when God rested
And of course the rapture exactly at the end of day 6 !!!
And therefore I think it could very well happen that the rapture takes place exactly now at the end
of that actual 120 th Jubilee = rapture by february - march -april 2018 !!!
We are now appr. 6000 years = 120 Jubilees after Adam = at the end of day 6 and at the beginning
of day 7 = the Millenial kingdom.
5.  Summary
To repeat this once more shortly I just expect this now to happen during the next two months
until middle of april 2018:
Surprising peace process in Corea
= forfillment of Biblical prophecy 1. Thessalonians 5,2 + 3 part I: "While people are saying
   peace and safety"
-  People allover the world and including many christians speaking of a strong period of worldwide peace
   and prosperity coming now after this surprising peace process in Corea as having been always one of the
   most dangerous regions in the world for the breakout of  a sudden nuclear war 
-  The ones who are sleeping(= the foolish virgins) now even more falling asleep
-  But the wise virgins discerning the spirits and discerning this dangerous signal of "peace and safety"
-  Rapture happening exactly in the final weeks and days of the 120 th jubilee
-  Therefore rapture in the time of february, march, april 2018
Rapture = 6000 years since Adam = 120 Jubilees x 50 years = 6000 years
-  6000 years = like the 6 days of the Creation
-  After the rapture the Sudden destruction =
   = forfillment of Biblical prophecy 1. Thessalonians 5, 2 + 3, part II:
   "destruction will come on them suddenly"
God bless You all and hello from Switzerland
Your brother in Christ