Daniel (11 Mar 2018)
"Surprising and accelerating peace process in Korea"

Surprising and accelerating peace process in Korea
- It is exactly happening and accelerating as foretold (02.11.2018) !
- First 1. Thessalonians 5,3 a = when they say shall peace and safety
- After 1.Thessalonians 5,3 b = then sudden destruction and rapture
- Peace summit in Switzerland between D. Trump and Kim Jong Un ?
- Possible 7-day-warning before the rapture ?
Dear brethren of Five Doves
Hello from brother Daniel in Switzerland
My mother tongue is Swiss German but I think my English is quite oK.
Just four weeks ago I sent a letter to Five Doves which was published on sunday
11th february 2018 and You find that letter at the very bottom in the letter
box of sunday 11th february (Daniel  "Jewish Jubilee + rapture")
Because I made several mistakes in English You find this letter just once more
today 03.11. in the Five Doves letter after this letter and now with a quite better
English version.
Now we are four weeks later and I realize and read in the news that the peace
process between North and South Corea is accelerating.
And this will surely continue during the next weeks.
And all over the world people will finally say "peace and safety" as never before
because one of the two (together with Iran/Israel) most dangerous places in the
world for a nuclear war does not exist any longer = 1. Thessalonians 5,3 a
And if this is happening now and especially during the next weeks then very soon
1, Thesalonians 5,3 b will follow = sudden destruction and rapture.
Just today saturday 03.10. I red in a Swiss newspaper that diplomates are already
preparing a peace summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and that the
place for this summit will probably be in Geneva/Switzerland.
Could this eventually be our 7-day-warning before the rapture = for example
an official declaration of the date of the peace summit between Donald Trump and
Kim Jong Un, probably such a declaration being made in the second half of march
or in the last days of march 2018 ?
(Kim Jong Un spent several years in his youth as a small boy in a privat school in
 Bern, the capital of Switzerland and Kim therefore perfectly speaks the Swiss German
 dialect. And the Swiss Army - together with Sweden - has the responsability from the
 UN to guarantee the ongoing neutralization at Panmunjon = official place and houses
 at the boarder South/North Corea where the two countries can have their direct talks
 and meetings under neutral control of the UN/Swedish and Swiss Army)
1. Thessalonians 5,3:
"For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh
upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape"
God bless You All
Daniel from Switzerland