Chance (18 Mar 2018)
"The Tribulation Period, Nissan 10 (Palm Sunday) and This Year"

Hello John and Doves!

The Tribulation Period, Nissan 10 (Palm Sunday) and This Year.

Continuing along with my thoughts on Palm Sunday, Nissan 10 and the 'prophetic clock' stopping on this day...please see my other letter to FiveDoves "Another Look At Palm Sunday".

I differ 'a bit' from mainline thoughts on the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. I'm definitely in the minority here!

Here's what I'm thinking about -

Daniel's 70th Week (the last 7 years) shows the Messiah being 'cut off' or crucified in the middle of the week (3.5 years); His death ends the sacrifice as He was the Passover Lamb for all and He/G-d made a new covenant in blood - written on our hearts this time - and the curtain to the Holy of Holies was rent in twain from top to bottom - that's a pretty big statement! 3.5 years are still left to be fulfilled of this 70th Week (The Revelation of John).

This fits with the prophetic clock stopping on Palm Sunday (or Passover).

I see Jesus' 3.5 years of ministry as the first 3.5 years of Daniel's 70th Week; He's killed - they 'missed Him' so the clock stops and He can't finish the 70th week; so there is a gap now in the 70th Week. I see the Tribulation 3.5 years as the last half of the 3.5 years of Daniel's 70th Week.

These two 3.5 year pieces fit together like bookends - making the completed 70th Week with the space between as the 'time of the Gentiles'. That's where we are now - but hopefully not much longer!

I've always wondered why 1) Jesus' ministry was 3.5 years - I think if we knew exact dates it would be 1260 days (42 months, time, times and half a time) as He started His ministry in the Fall and it ended abruptly in the Spring 
3.5 years later. (Why only 3.5 years? Could have been 3 or why 3.5 years? I see it as having to fit into the prophetic timeline somewhere - exactly!)

And I've always wondered why 2) John never writes about a 7 year period in The Revelation - it's always 3.5 years (1260 days, 42 months, and time, times and half a time). I think this is telling. One would think if the whole thing was 7 years John would have said so somewhere in The Revelation - like 'this lasts 7 years'. I see his repeating this 3.5 year period over and over in various ways as trying to make the point that it's not 7 years, it's 3.5 years. 

And I've always wondered why 3) we don't see a treaty between the antichrist and Israel in The Revelation either. Hmmm. Surely, something that important would have been mentioned by that starts the countdown for the 7 year Tribulation. Just don't see any of the 3.5 year time periods in The Revelation mentioning or starting with a treaty between the AC and Israel.

I know various teachers try and add the different 3.5 year time periods together to make a 7 year period. Why not just make them all the same 3.5 year period? (There are 42 months mentioned twice, 1260 days mentioned twice, and time, times and half a time mentioned once, I believe. And Daniel mentions 1260 days twice.)

So, if the prophetic clock starts where it stopped - say, the time of Passover - and the tribulation period of The Revelation starts, then 3.5 years later puts us right at the start of the Fall Feasts - Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles. If it starts this year, Spring 2018, it ends Fall 2021. (See my edit note below.)

My thoughts on this prophetic clock only work for a 3.5 year Tribulation (unless there is a gap of a few months to the Fall Feasts and everything starts there and goes for 7 years to go on around to the Fall Feasts again then people can get their 7 year Tribulation to fit.)

I don't know where Daniel's 1290 or 1335 days fit in - but they do somewhere - John doesn't mention them in The Revelation. I'm kinda going off of memory here too - not digging for all the verses. 

Just my thoughts....

As I wrote, I'm definitely in the minority, but it makes sense to me.



Edited to add: I just now checked this: If I take September 6, 2021 the Eve of Feast of Trumpets and subtract 1260 days for the 3.5 year Tribulation, and go backwards, the date it falls on is Nissan 10, March 26, 2018!! Is that a coincidence??? Could be.

Also, to check the coincidence of Feast of Trumpets of any year -120 days to = Nissan 10 - I checked years 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027. (2021 is mentioned in above letter)

Calculating the years 2021 and 2025 both ended up on Nissan 10.

All the others ended up on Nissan 9 or 11; 2024 is weird - ends up on Iyra 9.

So, it doesn't always end up with 'Feast of Trumpets - 1260 days' = Nissan 10 for every year.

It was 2 out of 9.

I used the following websites for the Jewish dates.