Will Schumacher (30 March 2014)
"addendum to post on redemption"

I believe the miners saved through the 2041 ft tube was tied to redemption.  You could read it here http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/mar2014/wills31-1.htm
recall silver symbolizes redemption in the bible
The incident is called the Copiapo mining incident in wikipedia
I looked up Copiapo to see what is was known for
From wikipedia
Copiapó is in a rich silver and copper mining district. It possesses a bronze statue ofJuan Godoy, discoverer of the Chañarcillo silver mines in the 19th century.
I dont know what type of mine they were in but the fact that Copiapo is tied to silver makes sense if I am correct that God tied there rescue to the word redemption.