Steve J (30 Mar 2014)
"The Symbol of the Beast"


Hello John,


Have been spending lots of time reviewing 5Doves.  Itís an amazing site, learning so much from it.  I would like to thank you and other contributors for sharing your knowledge.


I am sure you and others have noticed this the other day, but I have not seen anything posted at 5Doves about it yet:


People keep calling it a Pyramid, but actually it looks very much like the 666 Triangle.


From your post:


or this side-by-side comparison (more below):



As the creator of the video suggests, strange BHO seems the only world leader not wearing the golden triangle.  Hmmm, could this be because all the other world leaders are bowing down to the Anti-Christ?


Time is definitely short Brother.


Thank you again for your work and contributions on 5Doves.