Patty RP (30 Mar 2014)
"Regarding Mystery Babylon"


Dear Doves,

For a long time I did not think that the USA was mystery Babylon, because so many other countries were worse. However, if you read Chronicles and most of the Old Testament, God destroyed Israel more than once for abandoning Him. They were the apple of His eye…but when they forgot about Him and His laws and went after other gods, learning the ways of the heathen…that was it for Him. He used their enemies to punish them, eventually punishing those enemies even worse than what happened to Israel.

I believe that what is in the Old Testament refers to ancient Babylon, whereas the “Mystery Babylon” in Revelation is a far different entity. We are in the Mystery Babylon time right now.

We used to be a blessed nation. Many long years ago, the Ten Commandments used to be posted at the Post Offices. Before that, the main reason for learning to read was to be able to read The Holy Bible. In the 1960’s God was taken out of the schools (ever read what happened to Madelyn Murray O’Hair, the atheist woman who started that? She had a very grotesque demise). It has been a steady downhill slide since.

Although, perhaps the very beginning of the downhill slide was the birth of the fed.reserve system. I believe this is actually the great whore who ‘fornicates with the kings of the earth’. It is the printing press, which allows them to go into huge debt, paying for wars yet increased in goods…but not realizing they are poor, blind and naked.

There are many arms to this system, including the IMF which goes into poor countries bribing dictators, and taking the resources of those countries. I believe the religious arm to this system is Vatican City. The head guy there now also hates the whore (can you say “income inequality”?), and I believe he is fixing to morph the religious arm into the one world religion.

History repeats, and the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. At one time Jerusalem was the great whore….but now it’s a ‘mystery’. As I stated, I think it is a multiple-armed system. Both the AC and FP will hate the whore and bring it down. The economy will be crashed, chaos will ensue. To bring order out of this chaos (look at your one dollar bill), there will be a whole “new system” which will include getting chipped in order to participate in it.

In the end, this new system will be punished even more than Mystery Babylon’s punishment…just like in ancient times.


Patty RP