Mike Curtiss (30 Mar 2014)
"Jean Stepnoski the Last Spiritual Week for Israel ALL March 28th"


Dear Doves,

     Once again, here we are waiting and watching for the gates
of heaven to open wide for us. Once again, we are prepping and
preparing against the day when King Jesus will once again step
out of eternity and boldly walk among his children.

      For the first time in two years, I've allowed myself the opportunity to
hope King Jesus will finally come to meet us in the clouds of the air.
What a wonderful thought, I'm reminded of the old spiritual hymn
"I'll Fly Away" we'll meet our Savior face-to-face as God has repeatedly
promised and vouchsafed through the crucifixion and the return of his
one and only son. "His name is Jesus, for he will save his people"  and
he will also compete Daniel's 70th week.

     It's very interesting to read about the Roman tyrant; Julius Caesar who
overthrew the existing order when he marched upon the City of Rome with
his victorious blood splattered legions. They advanced from the northern
frontier of both Gaul & Germania. In a like manner King Jesus will lead his
heavenly legions of the faithful against the powers of darkness on the Day
of God's Wrath and the great and terrible Day of the Lord.   

     "Beware the Ides of March", Julius Caesar was told by the famous pagan
Oracle at Delphi. This year's Ides of March will take place on March 28th.
March 28th is also remarkable this year, because it's the beginning of a three
day consummation of the year leading up to Nisan 1, the beginning of the
reginald, sacred and holy Hebrew Calendar on Nisan the 1st.

War will become a booming enterprise once again. The USA & the EU will
become entangled in what will soon come to be the called the Third World War
between Russia & her allies beginning Nisan the 1st. However, to steal the
limelight away from both the Antichrist and the Two Witnesses will not be a
simple task. All three will begin their earthly ministries on Nisan 1, 2014.

Seek the Lord Jesus while he still might be found. Locate and inculcate the
Holy Spirit in your soul for "you must be born again to see the kingdom of God"
Speak candidly to your loved ones, you might never have the opportunity this
side of heaven. Do whatever your spirit calls you to do. God forbid, you should
debase, humiliate, or embarrass yourself for Jesus sake. You will have all of
eternity to get over yourself. The lost will be spending forever "apart from the joy
of the Lord Jesus" 

Agape Love,

Michael Curtiss

Thank you Sister Jean Stepnoski, 
 Nisan 1 was the momentous date when the Mishkan was "raised up" and the Divine Presence began to indwell that Temple. Might we be called up, "raised up", to join the Divine Presence of Christ appearing like "the Ancient of Days" of the Book of Daniel very soon? Might the Last Week of the Spiritual Year for Israel, the week of 22 to 29 Adar II, conclude the Age of Grace and transition into the hour of trial for all the remaining "earth dwellers" as they are called in The Book of Revelation?
   The date of 3-28-2014 will be the ominous Ides of March according to the Julian Calendar, a very Roman and Roman Empire themes day. Also, it will be a Golden Ratio Watch Date according to William Frederick. A Tuesday, it will be day 3 of the Scriptural Week. Three going to four is the midst of the Menorah associated with Messiah/Christ as the Servant Lamp. Only 3 days remain before the Last Day of 29 Adar II. The new movie "Noah" will be released on this day. Symbolically speaking, we will be again in "the days of Noah" from 28 to 31 Adar II and later!
   Might the Bride/Body of Christ, The Temple of "living and lively stones" be "raised up"  in glory on or before Nisan 1, from sunset on 3-31 to sunset on 4-1-2014? We shall see.