Mary Anna (30 Mar 2014)
"Can it be?"


    While so much points to Obama being the anti-Christ, many are turning against him.  He's letting his true colors show so his own people have changed their minds.  Certainly he has all the attributes of the anti-Christ but so much evil is coming forth from him now that former supporters have left him.  Of course Christians will be gone from the scene when the anti-Christ comes forth so we will only know him from heaven.  I think a great  benevolent man will come during the crisis that will have people loving & accepting him.  BO has missed that mark of late!   Unless things change quickly I doubt Christians will ever know the anti-Christ.  I believe Christians will have to say No to the 'chip' though!
From what I've heard about it, people will be clamoring for it, it'll be so useful in so much.