Leisa P (30 Mar 2014)
"My husband's vision"


My husband had a vision while in church last Sunday.  Anyone who knows my husband knows he is not a flashy show-off kind of person but a sure and steady man of faith in Jesus Christ.  Below is his vision:

This morning, (3-23-14) in Church, I saw another what I have to call a 'vision'. In it I was standing in my back yard looking east over the area where I have several acres of woods, only there were no woods there anymore. Instead, there was only a single massive and tall tree that didn't have any branches on it. Its' bark appeared very hard – so hard that it looked almost shiny. I was about 20 feet from my house, and was holding an axe. The axe wasn't a normal axe, but was instead more like an old-fashioned broad-axe. I was standing there looking at the tree, and I knew that it had to come down, but I was having severe reservations that I could cut it down. The tree was so very big and strong-looking, and all I had was an axe.

My wife, Leisa, was standing behind me, and was telling me that “Go on! You have to do it. Just try! You have to try!” I knew that she was right, so I slowly walked up to the base of the tree and prepared to begin chopping. I swung the axe at the tree, and it left a blazing line of fire in the air as it swung around and impacted the trunk. At first, I couldn't make much of an impression on the trunk of the tree, but I kept swinging and the axe began biting deeper and deeper into the wood. All of a sudden, the head of the ax simply vanished into the trunk, and I thought, “Lord, this tree is hollow! It's fake! It's fake!” I pulled the axe out of the trunk of the tree, and watched in surprise as the tree began to fall apart from the top down. It didn't fall over, but rather simply fell apart into a pile of little pieces that began to vanish as I watched in amazement.

*Postscript, 3-25-14: My wife told me tonight on the way home from work that she felt that the meaning of the vision was to be interpreted in view of Matthew 3:10...”Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” If this is it, (and it feels right to me) the Lord showed me that He is preparing to return very, very soon, and when He does the false Church will be tried as though by fire. No matter how strong and powerful it appears, it will be exposed as the hollow and weakly false “religious” institution that it is. It will be destroyed, along with all those that have not accepted Him, (Jesus) as their Savior, Lord and Master. This will happen...it is not a matter of “if” it will happen...it is a matter of WHEN it will happen. He will reveal the false Church for what it is and He will destroy it. And I feel that this will happen very soon.

** End of vision

Leisa Price