Juan C. Rubio (30 Mar 2014)
"The dead in Christ part II"


Dear Brothers

With relation to the dead in Christ to return ( hypothesis ) first before the rapture , why you need to see this, remember that in Matthew 27:50-52 that Jesus immediately raises the tombs of the saints who had believed in the open before he was crucified , I think what has happened with the physical body of the Lord , I happen to mystical that we are the true church who are attentive and booking of such a signal that is occurring in these glorious times , remember that we are blessed because the end of time and we are not reaching a point of view so much as 4 Blood Moons , maybe Israel to attack Iran , the war of Psalm 83 happen before our eyes , the agreement of "peace" that the date deadline is April 30 , etc . exciting time to be alive , but I think that before you leave and be raised by the power of the Holy Spirit in our encounter with Jesus in the clouds , we will spend some tribulation , as is being discussed the great earthquake for California, three days of darkness, you maybe an attack on America (do not wish for anything) other events and more .

But I think they are lifted before and at the time when it happens the enemy also lifted a number of zombies .... remember he's a phony and imitator of what God does with it were counteract the glorious Lord's move of the dead in Christ, I want you just imagine seeing a David Wilkerson risen , glorious, his body transformed into talking and saying all the wonders that God has for everyone who has not been given to Jesus ? . who finds Known think want to miss NOT see exhibit on an audience of all that comes and saw , I think it will be days in which many will be saved and others will believe and affirm their faith , I think this kind of demonstration I will bring one end revival where many will believe , there will be no one who stands up and says he's a phony .... certainly be so, but one Throw in your loved one appearing to you and your family that maybe you were in your same funeral honors ! ! talking to you the wonders of the sky ...! wow ... will be glorious , imagine the glory of God that they will bring the presence of God upon them ! there is where the devil lifted his army of zombies and the world as I said Traci Ships to chase and wanting to " kill " them , of course you will not succeed ... because I will be with glorified body , remember that when Jesus was present to his disciples after he resurrected them? , ate ! ... ! touched it .... ! was with them ...! , I think, that also Jesus will be presenting itself to many of us with his angels , he who does not believe all that you are watching , nothing will do it repent because what else ? , I think will be a short time, Jesus was after rising from the grave 40 days , I think for there to anger the time of them with us and they help us prepare to meet our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and the word will be fulfilled saying " together with them be caught up to meet the Lord in the clouds" I think that they will come according to the families and we will say : it's time to go home ! ... will be glorious days and while the world sinks more in their sins , we will be coming up to the perfect man , to the fullness that God wants us to reach , be awesome, world revival before we leave this earth.

I leave these thoughts and see what brings us much signal for this year looks very interesting , certainly the red moon eclipses will be the most fascinating we find lived , because history tells us that Israel was always involved in some kind of event as was the period of them and I think the world will touch also live with the consequences of them , the clock is ticking , look at Israel which is the clock him


Juan Carlos Rubio