Jimmy (30 Mar 2014)
"Jovial..Is America Babylon?"


I see that you are also from Tennessee. It sounds as if you have done your bible study on this subject? I have spent a lot of time with Pastor R A Coombes material. I assume you are familiar with him. He went home to be with the Lord last July. He spent 20 years give or take on this subject. He wrote his book "America, the Babylon" after hearing a person on TV, I believe say that she was Babylon? He started to write the person a letter to disprove it, and he said he never finished it. He literally spent the rest of his life investigating this topic, and it became his life's work. I have looked at several of your comments and here are just a few thoughts. End time Babylon appears to have two judgments, a double dose of judgment? One with fire at or near the beginning of the tribulation and a water judgment at the end. In his book he examines that the Lord opens his arsenal on Babylon in judgment, and that perhaps Russia, Iran (Persia) etc. pile on as the judgment falls. As you are probably aware there have been several men through the years that have written on this subject? Another is Joe Good of Hatikva Ministries that had material 20 years ago on this subject. R A Coombes is also in a 2 1/2 hour presentation on Youtube, giving a study on The Prophecy Club about America, the Babylon...Just some Food for Thought...Keep Looking Up, Jesus is coming...Jimmy