Gerry Almond (30 Mar 2014)
"Updated information of the time is now...counts of days"

It is March 25, 2014.                   Come, Lord Jesus                                 by: Gerry Almond

Several voices besides Rody Dominguez, ie, Eric of Godshealer, Nicole Poon, and others are now saying that the Lord has given them  messages.  They, with one voice seem to be coming to the end of March, 2014.  With this I have to agree right now.  I posted a few days ago a chart in this same format which I am now posting again with updated information based on these voices and adding the Julian calendar.  I am also keeping in mind the Hillel calendar (Jean Stepnoski post of March 24) and am thankful for the reminder that 2014 contains II Adar, the 13th month on the Jewish calendar.  This may be of paramount importance as to the timing of the rapture event.

We never know when heaven will open our minds again, as it has in the past, and we see more clearly than through a glass darkly.  So, keep praying, keep looking, and be alert.

Please now pay more attention to the calendars, of which there are four of importance in my thinking as I write this.  The apparent key is the Hillel spiritual calendar.

Can 2013 possibly extend itself into 2014?  Maybe.  Here is a brief recap covering the year 2013:

The Gregorian calendar ended December 31, 2013

The Julian calendar ended January 13, 2014 on the Gregorian, exactly 13 days later.

The Lunar calendar will ended on March 1, 2014 on the Gregorian when Nisan 1 will begin a          new sacred Jewish year corresponding to our 2014.

The Jewish Hillel calendar will not end until March 30, 2014 (this is the latest possible date).  

Rody Dominguez “official” announcement that the rapture would be before the end of 2013 truly may have until March 29/30, 2014 to run completely out of time.  That is when II Adar 29 (Jewish December) ends the Hillel calendar year.   

We are in the first of Spring right now.  March 21, 2014  was the first full day of Spring, with March 20 being the Solstice.  Jesus counseled the folks to “pray that your flight be not in winter, neither on the Sabbath day “ (Matt 24:20).  Could it be that this prayer will be answered by heaven's mercy setting the rapture very early in the  Spring?  “Rise  up my love, my fair one, and come away, for lo the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.  The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of the birds has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land” (Song of Songs 2:10-12).

There are possible elements hiding the time.  These may be:

The Jewish calendar could be off as much as 30 days.
God may be using the Jewish (Hillel) calendar exclusively.
God may be using the Gregorian calendar to show us in the West His plan.
God may be using all three, the Jewish, Gregorian, and Julian calendars and leaving us to figure  out how they match His plans.
God may be using the Hillel calendar and II Adar also.

Because he was so sincere and certain, and because he was believable, I am staying in there with Rody Dominguez until there is no possibility of his announcement not happening.  That, to me is March 29/30 because of II Adar. Consider this with respect to all of the above.  First, using the Julian calendar (which was in operation when Jesus was in the Holy Land) the difference is 13 days compared to the Gregorian.  That means that March 14/15, the Ides of March on the Julian calendar would be March 27/28 on the Julian calendar.  That seems to match Eric's message of “before March 28th”given on Godshealer website.  If so, then the “call into the ark” would be on March 27?  And, if so, then, could be the destruction and rapture combination of I Thessalonians 5 would be 7 days later on April 3/4 .  This means that the rapture of I Thessalonians 4:13-18 should be complete on April 3.   That links Rody's “end of 2013” to March 27/28.  The sign of Noah and the sign of Lot are both mentioned in Matthew 24/25.  This means both water and fire.  Tsunamis (water) and meteorites; coronal mass ejections (fire) could be the answer to both.  We could easily have both on the earth at one time.  

In the sign of Noah, there are three parts.  The first is 120 years to build an ark.  This brought the second part of the sign, seven days alert to get into the ark.  The third part of the sign  is the count of days within the ark found in Genesis 7 and 8.

Because I didn't know which calendar God is using, everything had to be interpolated to my calendar, the Gregorian.  I have always thought that trying to put the rapture on a feast day of Israel would be in vain.  It comes “at a day ye think not, the Son of Man cometh” Jesus said.  This is clear to is not a  special day which we can make into the proper day.

The reason I believe that the sign of Noah is in three parts is spelled out next.

First of all, I found Noah's 120 years (120 years x 360 days per year in Noah's day = 43,200 days) overlaid as it applies to the RE-gathering (Romans 10, 11) of the Jewish nation today. I have detailed it in writing.  Briefly the overlay of time onto modern Israel starts on 8/29/1897 with the first Zionist Congress under Theodor Herzl, a major hero and founder of the re-born Israeli nation today.  He began that very day to regather the nation.  It ends December 7, 2015 with the crowning of King of Kings.  I will gladly share it with anyone who wants to refresh his memory, or know more about that.  I believe the count is just too perfect to be merely coincidental.  

Second, I believe that we, like Noah, will have some sort of heads up7 days  before, just as Noah was given in his day.  This will be March 27/28, the Ides of March (Julian).   

Third, I believe that the days Noah and his family were in the ark is a fit over a solar year of events matching the Holy Spirit's revelation of the day counts within the ark of Noah and as applied to the year of coming destruction and rebirth of a new world order out of the ashes of the Phoenix, so to speak.  I may have found the fit.  If so, it could verify to us the timing of the rapture event, since that time is BEFORE the destruction, or rather simultaneous with it..

It is important to understand these day counts. This footnote found in the Schofield Reference Bible, KJV provides a look for us at the very careful count of days preserved by the Holy Spirit using the pen of His servant, Moses:

Genesis 7 and 8 footnote written and explained by Dr. C. I. Schofield:

(8:14)  The flood began in the 600th year, 2nd month, 17th day of Noah's life (7:11).  It rained 40 days and nights (7:12); the waters continued to increase (7:18), reaching their highest point on the 150th day (7:24), which figure includes the 40 days of 7:12.  The ark rested somewhere in the mountain range known as Ararat (i.e. Armenia, 8:4) on the 7th month, 17th day (i.e. 74 more days).  
There followed 40 more days before Noah sent out the raven (8:6,7), and three periods of 7 days related to the three releasings  of the dove (8:8-12), compare vs 10 “yet other seven days”).  Thus far  there were 285 days.  The period between the removal of the covering of the ark (601st year, first month, first day vs. 13) and the third sending forth of the dove is 29 days (deduced by 8:13 with the date of entering the ark, 7:11).  Finally, a comparison of 8:13 with vv 14-16  indicates another 57 days wait before Noah and his family went forth to the dry earth, or 371 days in all, which figure agrees when 7:11 is deducted from 8:14 ---12 months of 30 days plus 11 days.  (The Jews count both the beginning and ending day of a sequence). But the actual elapsed time was exactly a solar year.  This is  established by multiplying the 12 months of 7:11 and 8:14 by the
29½ days which comprise a lunar month.  The total is 354 days.  Add 11 days (17th to 27th of 2nd month, 7:11 and 8:14) --- a total of 365 days, one solar year.  
In my thinking, I needed the criterion for each count to match a significant date in American (Biblical Babylon) and/or Jewish experience.  It is important that each date have something to do with the need for a rapture event and also the wrath of God.  This is what I have found, supposing the first  full day of Spring after the Solstice (Song of Songs 2:10-12) is the start point of destruction, then placing the same sequence of days over the coming year.  One can see the following:

          Significant Dates                                                               Count in Noah's ark

March 14/15 -March 21/22, 2014                                        7 days call into the ark
March 21/22 – April 30/May 1, 2014                                 40 days of destruction
April 30/May 1 – August 18/19, 2014                               110 days more destruction
August 18/19 – October 31/November 1, 2014                  74 days after landfall
October 31/November 1 – December 10/11 2014              40 days of waiting
December 10/11 – December 31/January 1, 2015             21 days of releasing birds
    December 10                                                                    Raven released (does not return)
    December 17                                                                    Dove released (returns, no trees/land)
    December 24                                                                    Dove released (returns, no trees/land)
    December 31                                                                    Dove released (returns with olive branch)
December 31/January 1 – January 22/23, 2015                22 days of preparation
January 22/23 – March 20/21, 2015                                   57 days for land to dry
March 20/21 – March 21/22, 2015                                        1 day to exit the ark

The total days in the ark were 365, one solar year, the measurement of seasons to be hereafter in the new world that Noah entered after the flood....our present day world.

Now look at what normally occurs on or near these days each and every year on the Gregorian  and Julian calendars

GREGORIAN                        JULIAN:

March 14/15                       March 27/28                   Ides of March/Feast of Purim
March 20/21                       April 3/4                         Spring, day 1
April 30/May 1                   May 13/14                      May day, Israel birth
August 18/19                      August 31/Sept 1            Black Fast
October 30/31                    November 13/14             Halloween (satanic evil day)
October 31/Nov 1              November 14/15             All Saints Day (resurrection)
December 9/10                   December 22/23              Intifada Day (Arab war on Israel)
      December 9/10             December 22/23              Beginning of 21 days re bird releases
      December 16/17           December 29/30              Hanukkah eve
      December 23/24          January 5/6                     Christmas eve
      December 30/31          January 12/13                 New Year's eve
December 31/January 1   January 13/14                 Year's end/New Year's Eve (partying)
January 1/2                       January 14/15                 New year's day
January 23/24                    February 5/                     “Blue” Monday every year
March 19/20                      April 1/2                           Spring Solstice
March 20/21                      April 2/3                           Spring Solscice first full day
March 21/2222                  April 3/4                           New world order rises out of chaos?

Italics indicates those days pertinent to Israel

To find the Julian dates,  I simply added the difference between Gregorian and Julian of 13 days to each date above:

From this last day of this solar count matching the days of Noah in the ark, that is, March 27/28 2014, there remains only 545 days (538 if the 7 days alert is subtracted) until the Lord Jesus comes at Armageddon,  September 23, 2015.  In these  days (probably 3 from September 21 – 23), 2015, I believe that Jesus Christ will put down all armies and destroy antichrist and the false prophet, and then, immediately following, the Jewish nation, whose spiritual eyes of heretofore veiled understanding have been opened, will mourn  for 30 days the fact that they murdered their own Messiah.  That ends on October 23, 2015.  (This mourning period is required of them in accordance with the Mosaic Law) as they will suddenly know Him whom they pierced.  He will then, over the next 45 days be crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords on December 7, 2015..  Daniel 9:24 details what this 45 days will involve:

>finish the transgression
>make an end of sins
>make reconciliation for iniquity
>bring in everlasting righteousness
>seal up the vision
>seal up the prophecy
>anoint the most Holy

Next, after the anointing of the most Holy (One of Israel), comes the Jubilee Year, most of which is in 2016, having in it the forgiveness of all debts, release of all slaves, and the return of all lands to the rightful owner.  Either including or after this year, the GREAT KINGDOME AGE of a thousand years will begin.  (It may begin with the anointing of the most Holy One).

Several voices are now warning of something big to come by March 28th.  

As for us, we will have been in heaven during this awful time after March 27 or seven days later on April 3, 2014.  That is my fervent hope and prayer.