Frank Molver (30 Mar 2014)
"Massive Oso earth slide, then massive quake warning vision"

Below is a picture of a friend of mines house, he built my Taiko drums
Just after his house is the massive mud slide that came from the mountain on the opposite side
He was spared, but there are more then 100 missing
A few days later I had a very vivid dream of a massive quake that seemed to be in that area of the slide
We live near a massive fault line that is expected to go with up to a 9 on the Richter scale
In this dream I was at a small convenient store waiting for it to open, we went in and got some coffee
The people were very friendly, as I looked out the window the earth began to shift sharply side to side,
not short shifts but very wide and sharp. On the radio there was the announcement of the quake at the same time
They were saying this is a level 5, 6, 7 and on as the intensity increased
Suddenly the ground took a sharp steep dip to the left, like a ship being broadsided by a giant wave.
The announcer then said it was a level 10. After the quake subsided I confronted my son about the seriousness of the bible.
I then realized that we may not make it back home over the mountains because of all the damage to road and bridges.
Perhaps we are close, undoubtably we are close.
If Obama and Putin don't do us in, the earth will
I think the Lord is trying to get our attention
I am glad we here are listening.