Corey Lessmann (30 Mar 2014)
"Heard these words on March 23.....woke up 1:11 am....."


Hey, John


Hope you and “The Doves” are doing great! 

I wanted to share a dream that I had a couple of nights ago.  I went to bed and asked the Lord (according to His will), please give me visions or dreams tonight that reference HIS SOON RETURN, End Time Events or “Signs” of how close He really is.

Sure enough, while in deep sleep I started hearing words…..seemed more like thoughts than just words.


Here was the order of what I was hearing.  Some pieces over and over again. 


Interpretation and thoughts are welcome!!!



Messianic Jews

Geneva (I imagine Geneva Convention?  At least that was my feeling as I was hearing these words)

Next on the calendar

Zechariah (sensed it as THE BOOK of Zechariah)


Woke up from this dream at 1:11 am!!!


See you all soon!