Clay Cantrell (30 Mar 2014)
"Dream of the Two Descenders"

In the early morning of March 29, 2014, I had the following dream:

I was standing in some room in a high school. There were no students in the room at that time.  Suddenly before me, two figures descended very slowly through the ceiling of the room I was in. They both appeared human, but as they were descending, I could see through them - they were gaussian in appearance, like spirits. When they landed on the ground they became solid, looking just like regular people. 

There was a white man on the left and an attractive black woman on the right. He was 55-60, dressed in a white shirt sleeved shirt, button down the front, gray slacks and hard shoes. He had very short cropped haircut, a buzz haircut as it were, and distinctive ears that flared out a little. She was about 40, dressed in a knee length black, brown and tan print dress and she had medium short black hair.  She work black high-heeled shoes. Around her shoulders was a black crocheted shawl, coming down diagonally to a point on the left and right front sections at about knee length. A single tassel hung from each point and had what appeared to be a knot in the end, ending a little below the knee. It had a single button above the waist that was buttoned. a very beautiful garment. 

She did all the talking and he was silent. Her voice was distinctive with a note of genuine care, concern, and friendship about it. Her voice also had the strange quality of sounding like it was coated in warm honey. I know - that makes no sense. I cannot remember what we spoke about, but it was addressing detailed events they knew about, on earth - including those of a personal nature. I remember clearly thinking that these people were like family. I said that to myself in the dream. I was really struck by it. She talked and they appeared concerned and knowledgable like family members who converse among themselves. They were family, Christ's family. 

I understood in the dream that these were humans who had died and gone to Heaven, coming back down to earth for a reason. He had been a football coach at a college in the southeast USA. Somehow I knew this, though he and she both were complete strangers to me. I theorize that she had been maybe a teacher. At the end of the encounter, students began to come back into the school and she talked directly to some of the high school girls about their clothing, telling them they needed to dress more modestly, button up their clothing etc. She spoke like a caring, but no nonsense teacher talks to her students. 

The older man and I had a minute alone and I cracked some joke with him about football. He tried not to laugh, but couldn't help himself and broke out In a grin and laughed with me. 

Some of the dream I cannot remember, like the conversation with the woman - but the end of the encounter I remember clearly. As I was sensing they were leaving shortly, I hurriedly asked her:

"Please, ask The Lord two things for me. What is the full meaning of the 527 number?" 

She laughed and said "All right". ( I got the sense I had asked a question that almost impossible to answer). 

Then I asked, "What can be done about ____________. ( I called a person by name, a terribly mentally troubled Christian woman I know who has caused no end of grief to her loved ones, herself and others.)

Almost before I could finish my question she blurted out: "It's all about the boyfriend. That's what this is really all about - the boyfriend."

This really shocked me as I was familiar with the details of this two plus decades long catastrophic situation. There had been a boyfriend involved.

Suddenly I got a sense that God was allowing certain difficulties to happen in families and people groups to reach an certain individual. Individuals are terribly important and the Lord will work and allow pain to go on in certain situations for a long time so that someone will be reached, somehow. This really stunned me. I had never thought to pray for this "boyfriend", I had only thought to condemn him as he was much of the trouble. It had never occurred to me that The Lord might be trying to reach him, and had been. 

Shortly thereafter I woke up. Stunned, I reviewed the dream in my head, then looked at the clock.

6:03 am.