Charles Holler (30 March 2014)
"re route your IP address"

Greetings John and Doves,
   There has been much concern that Christians are targets on the internet. Especially those who have web sites that minister to the lost. It should be a concern also to the average christian who searches the net for sites that are pro Christian. Every computer has an IP address (internet provider) and even a bad hacker with the right software can find out where you live, work, bank, etc... Here is a quick 2 minute video to show you how to hide/change your IP address. I know also you can buy 8 IP new addresses from ATT if they are your provider for only $15.00 and rotate them at your leisure. Brother Jim Bramlett posted a few years ago an address to reroute your IP and it showed you were in the UK. Do you still have that Brother Jim?
Charles Holler Sr