Amanda (30 Mar 2014)

Hello all,

I had to get out my journal and research where I had written a word from him regarding Washington.  

Back on April 5, 2010 I wrote in my journal:  

Last night I asked the Lord if anything big was coming here in the U.S. or in another country and He said "Washington".

Im really thinking this now almost 4 years later is these recent tragic mudslides that hit a few days ago!

Everything recently happenning on news from Russias (bear) Putin to the recent Obama/pope meeting has you feeling your staring right into the Bible's chapters about this time right before rapture.  I will be in a sad shock if were still here in 2016.... Or past!!!  I will keep everyone posted on any words I hear.  I can be wrong but if the Lord warns me like he has been about other personal situations that have come to pass then I know he has and is showing me how close it is and getting me ready as well as all His children . I believe he will REALLY impress on my heart when its super close .... Like weeks to days!  

Cant wait... Cant wait!!!!!! You know its soon