Ray (27 Jun 2021)
"My summary of 1335 days, 1290 days, 2300 days."


Hi John and Doves,

Here's a summary of 1335 days, 1290 days, 2300 days. and time, times, half time, Daniel's 7 weeks prophecy, 430 years iniquity of Israel and Judah..

I start with 2520 days first.

Rapture, May 7 Iyyar 6 2022 ------ 2520 days ------- Second Coming, March 31 Nisan 15 2029

A note here. Marriage Supper of the Lamb is held on Passover Nisan 14 2029 in third heaven. Jesus returns to earth the next day which is Nisan 15.

Daniel's 7 weeks prophecy

Second Coming, March 31 Nisan 15 2029, A commandment is given forth on this day to build the streets and walls of Jerusalem --------- 49 days, Daniel's 7 weeks ------ Sunset May 19 Pentecost begins, Restoration of Jerusalem is complete. An offering is held on this evening. Jesus is the High Priest, with remnant of Israel and tribulation believers represent the two loaves of bread. This is the end of tribulation.

1335 days

Rosh Hashana Sept 23 2025, AOD begins, daily sacrifice is taken away ------- 1335 days ------- May 20 Pentecost 2029, End of 430 years iniquity of Israel and Judah. Blessed is he/the Jews who comes to this day, God has forgiven their iniquity

1290 days

Rosh Hashana Sept 23 2025, AOD begins -------- 1290 days ------April 5 2029, End of Abomination, Antichrist and the false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire by Jesus.

Time, times, and half time

Time   Feast of Trumpet 2026, first year commemoration of tragedy fallen upon Israel

times   Feast of Trumpet 2027 and 2028, second and third year commemoration of tragedy fallen upon Israel

Half time    Nisan 15 2029 Unleavened Bread, Jesus returns to Jerusalem to put an end of AOD

2300 days

To calculate 2300 days, because it ends with sanctuary being cleansed, and Holy is restored, the end day should coincide with Antichrist being thrown into the lake of fire, so that the temple is cleansed and Holy can be restored. Subtract 2300 days from April 5 2029 (this is the day AC is thrown into the lake of fire), we come to Hanukkah Dec 18 2022.

Hanukkah Dec 18 2022 Daily sacrifice is re-instituted ----- 2300 days of evening and morning sacrifice, interrupted by AOD on RH 2025 ---------- April 5 2029, AC is thrown into the lake of fire, Temple is cleanse, and Holy is restored, End of 2300 days

A note here. After the rapture on May 7 2022, which cripples US and EU, Russia together with Iran and Turkey shall launch an attack on Israel. This is the battle of Gog/Magog. This is also the opening of the 6th seal by Jesus. This war shall break out in the summer of 2022. Because God intervenes, this battle should be short and decisive. By the time the rain arrives at Israel in November (Joel 2:23), this battle is over. Hanukkah is the first feast Israel comes across after the battle of Gog/Magog. To honor God for His Divine protection upon them, Israel shall choose Hanukkah Dec 18 as the day to re-institute the daily sacrifice. Even though they don't have a temple yet, they shall do so by erecting a tent. Hanukkah 2022 is the beginning of 2300 days.

Also, from Amos 4:4, we learn that they shall continue bringing their daily sacrifice for three years. After these three years, they begin to bring their tithe to the temple. It speaks of the construction of the third temple shall take 3 years to complete. The drafting of the plan should begin on Hanukkah 2022, and 3 years later, before RH arrives, the third temple is complete in the summer of 2025.

Amos 4:4 Come to Bethel, and transgress; at Gilgal multiply transgression; and bring your sacrifices every morning, and your tithes after three years: