Ray (13 Jun 2021)
"Prewrath rapture equals to pretribulation rapture"


Hi John and Doves,

Some Christians believe in prewrath rapture. Below is my response to them.

The Day of the Lord's anger lasts for the entire seven years tribulation according to Zephaniah 2. I used to have a post on this subject. God picks three different places and countries to tell us how long his anger is. He starts with judgment on Gaza, Ashkelon, Moab and Ammon. They are the accomplice in three shepherds war and the fourth transgression in Amos 1. This battle occurs right at the beginning of tribulation. He then proceeds to judgment on Ethiopia. This is near mid-trib event. Then he concludes with judgment on Nineveh which occurs at end of tribulation . Basically God wants to tell us that his anger and wrath  spans over the entire 7 years tribulation.

When someone says he believes in prewrath rapture, basically he believes in pretribulation rapture.