Patty Hayes (27 Jun 2021)
"Remember this ole tuffy is made of great faith and strong metal"

Hi all. I have FINALLY after 4 attempts rec'd the results of my MRI on the Brain.  For your review I have attached a copy of the main issues.  Yes, I don't have to hurry up and clean my room BUT clearly there are issues that FINALLY makes sense of my world, symptoms I am having and the progression down the road I can expect.  There is a tiny cyst but will wait to see what the DOC says, but maybe no action on it as I have other progressive genetic diseases occurring.  I sure wished we did this for our mother as I am following down her path.  Keep in mind much of this is similar to what is happening with my legs and for clarity, I will take no further action as nothing left short of blood transfusions and amputations..  My family know for sure the reality of what that is like as we took care of our mother.  But, finally I have a good idea of what is creating the symptoms I have and the growing reality ahead.  

Please know I do NOT live in fear.  I have nothing to fear as for the Christian, our home is in the presence of the LORD.  I rejoice and look forward to that day in the future someday.  But short of the rapture, not today.  So...onward I go, hi ho hi ho off to life I go. 

MRI on brain.docx

Patty Hayes