Neil Lipken (20 Jun 2021)
"U.S. in contact with a "galactic federation" of aliens and Trump knows! Seriously?"

Well, it turns out that there are Klingons after all!   How about dat?!   And a "Galactic Federation"!   WOW!   We were told that on Star Trek Deep Space Nine----- The United Federation of Planets!

Well, it is time for Zephryn Cockrin to develop "warp drive" somewhere out in North Dakota, and for the Vulcans to land and make first contact!

This Out of This World Rapture Rodent,

P.S.   Whatever is really going on, it is preparatory for a false explanation for the upcoming Rapture!   And to understand what is written above, it helps to be a Star Trek fan!

P.P.S.   Trivia detail------ Did you know that the first warp drive engines (on Star Trek Enterprise) could only go to a speed of Warp 5?   No kidding!