Kurt S (13 Jun 2021)

I have always believed that there would be dinosaurs and giants in the last days because Jesus said the last days
would be like the time of Noah and there were dinosaurs and giants in Noah's day.

This is a very good article about CRISPR  gene editing, it comes from the Intercessors for America prayer guide from June 5, 2021.

Jesus can not be but at most a couple of years from returning, if that. There is no doubt in my mind that some scientist has already created a designer being.
It is possible that the Anti-christ comes from this technology. The Anti-christ is not human because at Revelation 19:20 God immediately casts the beast into the Lake of Fire 
without a formal trial required for human beings at Hebrews 9:27 (it is appointed for man to die  once and after this  comes judgment).

It could also be very possible that this technology is in the vaccine.


Kurt S.