Kevin John (20 Jun 2021)
"Rapture parallel: stars in Hyades star cluster are vanishing!"

      The Hyades and the Pleiades are two star clusters in the constellation Taurus the bull. The bull is a prophecy of the the judge or ruler to come. The Hyades star cluster is on the face of the bull and, according to E.W Bulliner, author of the classic book Witness of the Stars, have the meaning of “the congregation of the judge or ruler”. Luis Vega explained this in his  excellent post “Wedding Ring of Fire “ on June  6 under the sub-heading “Great Rescue Coming”. 
       Now, astronomers  have observed that these stars are mysteriously vanishing. Perhaps this portends the sudden vanishing of the saints at the rapture. The following is a link one of the articles on the vanishing: stars:

Kevin John