Jean Stepnoski (13 Jun 2021)
"A Noteworthy LAST DAY: Elul 30"


   The Messiah has promised “I will lift you up on the last day.” Last day of what? On 9-7 to 8, 2021 on The Torah Calendar are the following LAST DAY themes of Elul 30:


1. LAST DAY of Elul:

Teshuvah (Repentance) Month of 30 Days


2. LAST DAY Pentecost Season on The Torah Calendar:

Pentecost “fully come” for Day and Season

Longest Season for any Appointed Time

Nearly 4 Months, 1/3rd of a Year, 112 Days from 5-17 to 18, 2021 


3. LAST DAY Position 4 on the Menorah:

The Centerpiece Lamp of 7 Lamps

The Upraised Lamp

The Messiah’s Lamp

The Midst of the Menorah Lamp

The Pentecost (Shavuot) Lamp


4. LAST DAY King’s Calendar for Israel:

                Civil Year Calendar for the Counting of Years

                Annual King’s Year Cycle Complete


5. LAST DAY before Yom ha Din (Day of Judgment) with the Opening of Books on Yom Teruah


6. LAST DAY before the Shofars are Blown on The Feast of Trumpets


7. LAST DAY before the Yom Teruah themes of Arrival of A Great King and Royal Wedding


8. LAST DAY (symbolically) of Summer Fruit and Wine Season for Israel?

              The Last Grapes of the Season = The Best, To Make the Finest Wine. Long Ago, the Best Wine, The Wedding at Cana


9. LAST DAY The Age of Grace?

               The Day, The Season, The Age of Pentecost Complete?

               Before Global Judgment, “The Bringing In Of The Fullness Of The Gentiles” Complete?



With Love and Shalom,