Jan H.Nes (13 Jun 2021)
"Prayer request"

Dear John & Doves!

Thank you for still hanging on, John. You are truly a blessing from God Yahweh.

Is there anyone out there who would like to pray for my beloved wife, Elin Nes? She will be going through a complicated surgery on the 21th of this month. She has got cancer in her neck for the 2nd time on the same place, so there is a lot of scar tissue that makes it hard for the surgeons to remove the tumors without cutting major nerves. Last time they had to remove her entire thyroid and a situation came up, where it was 50/50 if she was going to survive or not. Luckily she did, but it has made her so weak and fragile (almost unrecognizable at times). She is also in a lot of pain and sickness every day. But she is loveliest person I have ever met and so I would really, really really like to have her by my side here on this crazy earth a little while longer, preferrably until the King returns. She is also the mother of our three children that loves her so much. Life would be unbearable for all of us without her.

It`s so fantastic with a website like this, where people you don`t know actually can pray for you. I think that`s a miracle in itself.

So if you would be so kind to please pray for Elin`s full healing and recovery in the name of Jesus Christ (Yahshua Hamashiach), we will be forever grateful.

Thank you so much.

All the best,

Jan Helge Nes