Isaac S (20 June 2021)
"RE: Gino: 13.06.21: good Samaritan parable"

Dear Gino,

You asked me whether I was leading that Bible Study.
Answer is Yes and No. Because, I first attended a Bible Study in 2018 where I learnt this. In the same year, some of my church members asked me whether I can take Bible Study for them. I believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit. So, I have started to take the Bible Study in our church from August 2018 and it is still going successfully and this is one of the topics. :-)

Jesus had hidden the secrets of the Kingdom in parables. The seven parables Jesus spoke in Matthew 13 directly relate to the seven church periods of Revelation.

1. Parable of Sower -  Ephesus where Son of Man and Apostles who directly heard from Jesus preached the gospel.
2. Parable of wheat and tares - Smyrna - While men slept, enemy came and sowed tares means when Apostles were dead, Satan slowly brought wrong doctrine. But, Jesus allowed that to grow till this time.
3. Parable of mustard seed - Pergamos - Jesus death brought forth Kingdom of Heaven but birds came in to church meaning devil started to take over church. Bird is Satan from parable of sower.
4. Parable of leaven - Thyathira - Doctrine is flour as per Matthew 16:12. Three measures means law, prophecies and gospel of kingdom. Woman is church who made the doctrine completely leaven.
5. Parable of treasure - Sardis - Dark ages because truth was hidden and church was in dead state.
6. Parable of merchant and pearl - Philadelphia - Time of enlightment of truth began with Martin Luther's protestantism.
7. Parable of fish net - Laodicea. -  Our times. Everything in this parable like sea, fish, net and shore have spiritual meanings.

There are many more hidden gems in the scriptures. If this is interesting, I can share more in the coming weeks.

In Christ,