Gino (20 Jun 2021)
"RE: Angela: 06.13.21: strangers"

	Thank you very much for responding.
I enjoyed reading what you wrote.
Back in the '80's, there was a Messianic Jewish program, up in Chicago, on after midnight each week.
Marty Goetz played and sang, Lamb of God, which I really loved hearing, when they had him on.
Then when I was Kiev, a met a Jewish woman there.
She told me how all these Messianic Jewish believers came to evangelize, after the USSR collapsed.
One thing I found out, that Marty Goetz had been part of that.
That at a large gathering in Moscow, he sang, Lamb of God, in English, Russian, and I think in Hebrew.
I was told that it was incredible.
Perhaps there may be a video of it on the internet, somewhere.