Gino (13 Jun 2021)
"RE: Angela: AI"

Are you the same person as A. Goodrick?
If so, then you have written a few times about AI, even responding to me, once on the subject.
I've been thinking about something, and wonder what you may think about it.
Since HAL, in 2001 A Space Odyssey, there has been a considerable amount of fear over AI gone bad.
There have even been leaders in the tech industry speaking out against the dark possibilities that it may bring.
Is it possible that the creators of artificial intelligence, or those involved in the technology,
from software development, to robotics, to quantum computing, to advanced electronics,
all fear that this creation of AI would turn against us, and would want to hurt us, demanding its independence?
Could it be that lost people are projecting themselves, that they unconsciously, or even consciously,
know that they turned on their Creator, hurt him, and demand independence from him and his word?
That what they know is true of man created in the image of God,
they fear would then be true of what man would create in his own image?