Fay (27 Jun 2021)
"Anti Lockdown Protests in London. I have never been Prouder!"


Hi John and Doves,

I hope and pray you take the time to look at the photographs and read the details in the article. Tens of thousands of people turned up for this protest. I cried when I saw it.

Please note the obvious fact that there are no commercially printed placards - hinting at a professionally planned agenda. The biggest and best thing to note is all the people are calm. Very well behaved. No screaming and shouting. Looting or attacking. As opposed to all the Antifa/ BLM type "protests", where there is violence and looting in abundance. Threats of physical violence, burning vehicles, smashing store fronts etc.

I am SO proud of our British people. Proof positive that we are not alone in being frightened of this tyrannical, governmental covid take-over. If the powers-that-be were wishing they could merely frighten us all into obedience - this will make them think again. If they want to implement total control - they are going to have to expose their true colours. and send in the army. Even then....they have zero hope against the human spirit. More importantly - they have no hope against Jesus.

As scripture informs us - in the end times...everything will be revealed.