Fay (27 Jun 2021)
"Why Damascus?"


Hi John and Doves,

After watching the 7 minute clip in the link - Damascus sprang to mind, WHY would Damascus be destroyed overnight? Isaiah 17. WHY?

We all know that many nations are in Syria right now. All of them laying claim to oil riches. Staking out their corners of that benighted country. Greedy, grabbing murderers. I put it to you that Israel will discover that Iran has nuclear weapons buried underground in Damascus that Israel are yet to be aware of. During the war of Ezekiel 38 aka Gog/Magog - when Israel is attacked from all sides.... perhaps most of the attacks are emanating from Damascus? Israel realises there is a nuclear threat... buried in Damascus? This would explain Isaiah 17.

These threats draw ever near.

Maranatha, LORD.