Fay (27 Jun 2021)
"Between a Rock and a Hard Place!"


Hi John and Doves,

I accessed the article in the link from the Are We Living in the Last Days website. Israel is "politely" being told by Omar that it's time to implement the two-state solution. It seems that the so-called Abraham Accords were heavily laden with strings attached. It's a classic tactic. Lull someone into a false sense of security (Israel) and then demand huge dividends.

Israel is currently between a rock and a hard place. With a hostile American government, yapping and snarling at her heels, Israel has to tread a very thin line. This entire debacle can only end badly if Israel endeavours to try and please everyone except Almighty God. As in the story of Purim - Almighty God requires that the Jewish people REPENT. Reading the Book of Esther - she got all the Jewish people fasting and doing penance BEFORE she approached the King, to plead for a reversal of the evil Haman's edicts. After all the fasting and penance, the King readily welcomed her into his chamber. Esther then called for a feast -and then for another, which ended with Haman humiliated and the edict annulled. The lesson in the story of Purim is that , for the Jewish people - bound by the original covenant - repentance with actions is necessary. The Jewish people must show Almighty God their sorrow and regret - as Esther did. Only then will He find a way to circumvent something (Haman's edict) that He has put His seal on already.

Do you see that, Doves? The decision to implement Haman's edict CAN be annulled. The King's initial decision CAN be reversed. But, it will take FULL repentance, in line with old Covenant rules, to set this life-saving act into motion. I am miserable at the knowledge that this will probably not happen. That Israel will have to be attacked and brought to her knees in order to bring our Messiah Jesus. In order to bring about the salvation of Israel.

No wonder all the warning super moon's .... highlighting Purim.