Fay (27 Jun 2021)
"Gino re How should Christians Respond"


Hi Gino,

I get what you are saying. That we should all have compassion and sympathy for illegal immigrants etc. Your post linked below - to enable readers to gain perspective.

In reply to your question. I do not lack sympathy for illegal aliens. They are people. What I object to is the way they are being used by the powers that be. Not only that...take a good hard look at just who these "desperate people" are. Are they bone thin from starvation? Have they crawled across the border on their knees...begging for help? As you know - the answer is NO. Even the dinghy boat immigrants here in the UK are all well fed. Not a starving ribcage in sight. Many of them are wearing designer T-shirts and shoes and they sport the latest iPhone to boot !!!

Not only that - it appears that our so-called border protectors are actually aiding and abetting in this farce. Nothing about it makes sense. We can throw around the thought they are economic migrants etc., but this still doesn't explain the ratio of healthy, young men coming over. As opposed to families escaping economical hardship. The entire thing stinks to high heaven. The authorities are allowing this chaos and have allowed it for years now. The real question is WHY? Why are they allowing this nightmarish scenario to keep going?

Something nefarious is going on. It is the entire situation that I loathe. I assure you, Gino....I don't lack sympathy for people for truly needy people. I realise you were not being judgemental. You merely asked a question.

God Bless you, Gino. And all the Doves.